Healing with Tarot: 8 week course for beginners. This crash course is for those who want to learn to read tarot cards from a depth psychology perspective for the purpose of healing. Classes are 80 minutes length.  A new class will be starting soon, please email, text or call for details if you are interested in joining. This class is no longer running but if you are interested email me as I tend to form classes around what you want versus what I want. 6 max and for now, on Zoom. $50 per session. 

The Fool’s Journey: 23 weeks held twice a month. Each group is 80 minutes. This is not a class, it is a psychotherapeutic group where we journey together through the major arcana of the tarot and develop the myth of the self. This group is for those who have a beginning knowledge of tarot but all levels are welcome as the focus is on invoking and embodying the archetypes and not learning how to read tarot. We will use journeying, reading, and spiritual invocation. This therapeutic group is a spiritual initiation for the soul. A new group will be forming soon. If you are interested, please email me, text or call for details if you are interested as I form classes around what you want not what I want. 6 max participants. $50 per session. 

Merging with the Archetypes: This is my latest group. I will be starting the first cohort in the middle of April. This group runs in cycles. The first cycle is merging with the astrology archetypes. Not all of the them but the main ones in the natal chart. The intention of this group is to get you out of the intellectual realm with the archetypes, as they are living sentient forces living in the unconscious. As with all of my groups, the learning is about merging with this sentient forces and using them to heal. In this group, if you choose to bring your natal chart to class, you will learn to read it from the heart and learn how to merge with the archetypes so that you may consciously work with them. 

For Healing with Tarot students click here: Healing With Tarot Cards

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