Awakening the True Self: a beginner level experience for those wanting to explore and summon their true self in the shadow. This is a Saturday intensive. Email me for details.

North Seattle College: a 6 week continuing education course this summer at North Seattle College:

Healing with Tarot
Learn how to read Tarot cards for self-exploration and healing. We will focus on using Tarot as a tool for gaining insight and awareness into the Self, coming from the framework of archetypal depth psychology. Build skill and confidence in developing and trusting your intuition using the imagery of the Tarot. Bring a Tarot deck (not an Oracle deck, please) of your choice to class.
Times: 6:00PM – 8:30PM Room: On Campus: TBA, ARR  (NOT CONFIRMED YET)
Dates: 7/10/19-8/14/19 Tuition: Fee 135.00
Days of Week: 6 Sessions Wednesdays Pay:$30.00 Sliding

For Healing with Tarot students click here: Healing With Tarot Cards