Do you struggle with being your true self?

Do you have trouble knowing what you want and making decisions?

Have you been labeled too emotional or too sensitive?

Do you experience a negative self-image and feel shame for who you are?

Are you having issues in your close relationships?

Have you or a loved one been recently diagnosed with cancer or other life threatening illness?

Do you feel lonely, isolated and suffer from social anxiety?

Do you feel stuck, stagnant or unable to make progress?

Are you suffering due to past trauma, physical/sexual/emotional abuse or a difficult family upbringing?

Are you going through a dark night of the soul and facing a difficult life transition or loss?

Do you feel like you don’t belong in your body or in this world?

Are you seeking a deeper life purpose?

If any of these questions are leading you to seek therapy, I may be the right fit for you. My name is Michelle Bloom and I am a Seattle based psychotherapist, writer, and artist. 

I work with individuals and couples, offering a holistic perspective, integrating mind, body, and spirit. I am available for video as well as in person sessions. 

I welcome all ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual preferences, including non-heteronormative/monogamous/gender-binary lifestyles or identities. 

I offer a free consultation in person or by phone to see if we are a good fit.

Contact me at healing@michellebloom.com or call (503)686-8101

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