I offer therapy for depression, stagnation, anxiety and/or mood disorders, family of origin issues, life transitions, grief and loss, self expression/identity issues, relationship conflicts, intimacy issues, stress management, career or life purpose change, sexual/physical/emotional abuse or neglect, trauma, PTSD, spiritual growth, codependency, attachment wounds, breakup/separation/divorce, communication skills, self-awareness training and actualization of the true self.

My approach begins with empathy and a secure therapeutic relationship that is client-centered, intuitive, and insight-based. I use the modalities that work best for you, which include psychodynamic, narrative, mindfulness based cognitive behavioral, family systems, emotionally focused, creative expression, creative visualization, and parts work.

For those who resonate, we may incorporate the tools of tarot, astrology, and energy work to look into your soul, past lives, and karma. We may also work on building your spiritual connection with the divine in what that means for you. I tailor my sessions to your needs and beliefs.

I specialize in using creative expression and journeying to dive into the unconscious where past trauma, repressed personality traits and feelings, family of origin wounding and the wisdom of the true self lives. This healing work is a journey of discovery that transforms who you are from the core outward into your life and your relationships.

I am here to help you heal from the past, learn new coping and self-care skills, regulate moods and emotions, process feelings, increase awareness, develop a healthy sense of self and assist you in coming into wholeness, balance, and well-being.

I offer individual and couples counseling for ages 16 and up from all walks of life, ways of being and belief systems.