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Do you struggle with being your authentic self, knowing what you want and making decisions for yourself or in relationship?

Have you been called too emotional, too sensitive and feel misunderstood?

Do you hold a negative self-image and feel shame or low self-worth?

Are you having issues in your relationships or with your partner?

Do you feel stuck in unhealthy patterns of behavior or thinking?

Are you suffering from the symptoms of complex trauma, depression, anxiety, or mood disorders?

Are you going through a dark night of the soul, loss or a difficult transition?

Do you feel like you don’t belong in your body or this world?

If any of these questions are leading you to seek help, I may be the right fit for you. My name is Michelle Bloom and I am a Seattle based psychotherapist and teacher offering transformative soul-centered psychotherapy and workshops. Using tarot, astrology, intuition, and depth psychology, we integrate all aspects of who you are, healing issues at the core, and bringing your true self into the world.

I work with individuals and couples. I welcome all ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual preferences, including non-heteronormative/monogamous/gender-binary lifestyles or identities. 

True self is your authentic soul essence. Much of true self gets pushed down into the shadow by your ego which naturally seeks to be accepted, liked, and valued by your family, peers, and culture. As children our egos deny any aspect of who we are that we feel won’t bring acceptance. It’s simply how ego functions and not good or bad. We all need our egos to be part of society and function as individuals.

Your shadow is simply the unconscious place in your mind where all that is denied collects, like a true self piggy bank, saving up all of who you are until you are ready to see and integrate what has been stored away. You may feel conflicted, depleted, torn, fragmented, confused, insecure, and lost from the split between your ego self and shadow self. Anxiety, stagnation and suffering grows the longer we ignore what is in the shadow.

Transformative healing is a process of becoming whole. Integration happens naturally when you become aware, give voice, and expression to the feelings and aspects of your self that have been forgotten in the shadow. Becoming aware of the stories ego tells about self is also a part of the healing journey. Learning how to recognize and not buy into your negative mental stories about who you are is key.  Suffering may be used a tool to become more whole, authentic and present with your self, in your relationships, and life.

I offer a free consultation in person or by phone to see if we are a good fit.

Contact me at healing@michellebloom.com or call (503)686-8101

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