I offer individual and couples psychotherapy for adults who are seeking transformative healing and relief from suffering, stagnation, depression or mood disorders, anxiety or stress, trauma and abuse, family of origin issues, life transitions, grief and loss, relationship conflicts, self-expression or identity issues, and issues in actualizing your true self. I welcome all ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual preferences, including non-heteronormative/monogamous/gender-binary lifestyles or identities.

My approach is eclectic and rooted in a heart-based, intuitive, and empathic relationship with the client. I use a mind-body-soul framework both as a container to hold the client and to work towards healing. In session, you are safe to explore, acknowledge and express your feelings. I attune to your needs, allowing each session to flow with what works best for your healing and growth.

I use insight-based modalities, which include Jungian psychology, narrative therapy, mindfulness-based practices, family systems, and creative expression. These insight-based approaches explore how awareness of conscious and unconscious patterns of reactivity, behavior, and meaning-making, either learned or developed in the family you grew up in, can free you from issues you are currently facing and transform who you are. 

For those who resonate, I specialize in bringing awareness and expression to the repressed feelings, wounds, and aspects of Self hidden in the unconscious using Tarot, Astrology, creative expression, dream work, shadow exploration, journeying, and intuitive talk therapy. This approach helps you to re-author your life story, integrate fragmented aspects of the Self, and bring you into more wholeness, acceptance, equanimity, and self-love.

If you would like to know more, feel free to reach out with questions.