Bloom Counseling

Welcome to my website. My name is Michelle Bloom and I am a psychotherapist in Seattle, Washington. Since childhood I have been empathic and felt compassion for the soul and suffering in others. I have healed and transformed from my own story of suffering (always a work in progress). The calling to be a psychotherapist is rooted in my personal transformation and is an essential part of who I am.

I believe that each one of us is a unique soul (true self or unique essence) on our own particular life journey that has its own purpose, lessons, and path to fulfillment. The soul journey is filled with the light-experiences of security, pleasure, belonging, connection, health, accomplishment, self-expression, and joy. The soul journey is also filled with the shadow-experiences of insecurity, pain, isolation, loneliness, illness, loss, addiction, and abuse. We are each unique and yet we share in common the nature of the soul journey, containing both pleasure and pain, loss and gain, shadow and light. Everyone experiences both shadow and light. We all face death and grief. We all experience sickness and loss. Many of us experience abuse and develop chronic patterns of self sabotage. We struggle to heal the wounds that we carry. Some seem to experience more light than shadow, some more shadow than light, but it’s not wise to compare. Our internal experience is our own. We all have healing work to do but the path is different for each person.

We also contain light and shadow aspects within ourselves. What we and others approve of about ourselves is expressed in the light of conscious awareness. What we are ashamed of and judge about ourselves hides in the shadow of the unconscious. This splitting of our character is influenced by the family and culture we grew up in and by our experiences, for better or worse. The self becomes more divided over time and suffering is the result of this inner division. When painful feelings, trauma, wounds, and aspects of the self are marginalized and unacknowledged, we lose balance, we lose touch with ourselves, and we become sick. Some of us have over-identified with the wounds we carry and positive aspects of the self may be living in the shadow. All of us are deeply connected to our family system. We inherit multi-generational wounds from our immediate family and ancestors that unconsciously create mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that cause suffering.

Transformative healing occurs naturally as when we bring these aspects to the light of awareness, accept the fullness of who we are, and express our inner truth. Integration of the shadow and light allows the self to become more whole and balanced. In essence, we piece ourselves back together with wisdom, love and creativity, turning our suffering into gold.  Like the clam turning mud into a pearl, the suffering and pain we have been through becomes the fodder for self-transformation and healing. How we experience and narrate the “story of me” is meant to be a creative process and a choice, no matter what happens to us or where we come from. Soul-centered psychotherapy is this healing process.

I offer individual and couples psychotherapy for those who are suffering, want to deepen your self-work or begin your healing journey, or for those who feel called to work with me to help you transition through grief, loss, a difficult time or challenges in relationship. I welcome all ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual preferences, including non-heteronormative/monogamous/gender-binary lifestyles or identities.

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