About Me

798362_4902878643460_850223543_oSince childhood I have been acutely intuitive, empathic, spiritual, and felt compassion for the suffering of all people. I have healed and transformed from my own story of suffering-always a work in progress. The calling to be a psychotherapist is rooted in my personal transformation and is an essential part of who I am.

I was born in Washington D.C. in 1972 and raised in a Virginia suburb until my early twenties. I  have lived in Las Vegas, Portland, San Francisco, and New York city. Seattle is my current home.

As as child I felt a strong connection with my soul and the divine. When I say “soul”, I mean my essence, true self, or authentic self.  Soul is the knowing we feel within of being who we really are. When I speak of “the divine” I am referring to the transpersonal aspect of life, beyond and bigger than the ego self.

Call the divine whatever you want…spirit, nature, life, universe, god, goddess, oneness, source, the mystery, a specific name of a being, whatever makes you feel connected in your heart is what matters.

My relationship with the divine is non-religious, non-dogmatic, experienced-based, and rooted in a feeling of oneness that honors nature and perceives spirit as love. We each have our own connection with spirit and I welcome the variety of practices and beliefs each person values, so long as the belief does not oppress or cause harm to anyone.

Experiencing a life changing soul awakening in 1995, my sense of self transformed. I knew my calling was to be a healer. I began as a professional tarot reader and soul guide in 2001. I became a psychotherapist to go deeper with clients through the healing journey. A tarot reading reveals the messages. Therapy is doing the work the messages reveal.

I have delved into a variety of metaphysical and psychological modalities through the years. Tarot, astrology, Reiki, crystal healing, shamanism, Kabbalah, past life regression, Buddhism, yoga, NLP, hypnotherapy, and depth psychology being among my skill set. I follow my own direct connection with spirit and use what I learn to accompany my intuition.

As for official schooling, I am trained as an NLP, Hypnotherapy and Reiki practitioner from Bennett Stellar University. I have a Masters in Psychology from Saybrook University. Currently I am a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC).

I am also an artist and writer. I enjoy painting, writing poetry, novels, short stories, blogs, and taking photographs. Combining the healing arts with creative expression inspires me every day.

I see our life stories as a quest to metaphorically turn suffering into gold. Creating the personal myth is the soul at play, even through the most painful injustices, trauma, and struggles. From this deep well I offer my support and guidance to you.

contact me: healing@michellebloom.com 

Photo by Mirco Violent blur on Pexels.com