798362_4902878643460_850223543_oMichelle Bloom, MA, LMHCA

Since childhood I have been acutely intuitive, empathic and felt compassion for the suffering in others. I have healed and transformed from my own story of suffering-always a work in progress. The calling to be a psychotherapist is rooted in my personal transformation and is an essential part of who I am. My life has always been rooted in healing.

I was born in Washington D.C and raised in a Virginia suburb until my early twenties. I  have lived in Las Vegas, Portland, San Francisco, and New York city. Seattle is my current home. I am forty-six years of age.

As as child I felt a strong connection with my soul and the divine. When I say “soul”, I mean my essence, true self, or authentic self.  Soul is the knowing we feel within of being who we really are. When I say “the divine” I am referring to the transpersonal aspect of life, beyond and bigger than the self. You can call the divine by many names; spirit, nature, god, goddess, oneness, source, the mystery, a specific name of a being…call the divine what you will.

My relationship with the divine and the metaphysical aspect of life is non-religious, non-dogmatic, experienced-based, and rooted in a feeling of oneness that honors nature and perceives spirit as love. We each have our own connection with spirit and I welcome the variety of practices and beliefs each person values, so long as the belief does not oppress or cause harm to anyone.

Experiencing a life changing soul awakening in 1995, I transformed. I knew my calling was to help guide others on their healing journey. I began as a professional tarot reader (in 2001) where I shared intuitive messages I received through the cards, the natal chart, and my inner sight. I became a therapist to deepen the healing work I do with others. I wanted to be more than a messenger for others. I felt called to bridge the metaphysical to the psychological and to journey with clients through their healing process.

I have delved into a variety of metaphysical and psychological modalities over the years. Tarot, astrology, Reiki, crystal healing, shamanism, Kabbalah, past life regression, Buddhism, yoga, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), hypnotherapy, and depth psychology being among my favorites.

As for official schooling, I am trained as an NLP, Hypnotherapy and Reiki practitioner from Bennett Stellar University. I have a Masters in Psychology from Saybrook University. Currently I am a licensed mental health counselor associate.

I see our life stories through a broader lens that resembles a quest to metaphorically turn suffering into gold. Creating the personal myth of Self is the soul at play, even through the most painful injustices, trauma, and struggles. From this well, I offer my support and guidance to you.

contact me: healing@michellebloom.com or call (503)686-8101

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