798362_4902878643460_850223543_oMichelle Bloom, MA, LMHCA

Since childhood I have been empathic and felt compassion for the inner life and suffering of others. I have healed and transformed from my own suffering. The calling to be a psychotherapist is rooted in my personal transformation and is an essential part of me.

Spiritual connection, intuition and clairvoyance are childhood gifts I have developed through the years. I have served as a professional tarot and astrology reader since 2001. I chose to become a therapist in order to deepen the healing work I do with others. I use the alternative modalities of tarot and astrology to help peer into the mystery of the self and gain deeper insight into the soul’s lessons, purpose and complexes.

My relationship with the Spirit is non-religious, experienced based, and rooted in wisdom, love, and nature. We each have our own connection with the divine and I welcome the variety of practices and beliefs each person values.

I am also trained as an NLP, Hypnosis and Reiki practitioner from Bennett Stellar University (2002). I have a Masters in Psychology from Saybrook University (2017). Currently I am a licensed mental health counselor associate, LMHCA.

Art and writing are my two biggest passions. I love to paint the contents of the unconscious and have found immense healing in creative expression. I write fiction, poetry, articles, and blogs. I love crystals and minerals, the beauty and power of nature, including all of the animals. I also enjoy exploring cities and taking pictures.

I was raised in Virginia and have lived in many cities in the US. Seattle is my current home.