Seven Days:

“Seven Days” is a distillation of philosophical reasoning and emotional imagery.  This is a raw and cavernous drama about a young woman and man’s awakening.  Poetic landscapes mirror moods, places, and events both tragic and hopeful.  After realizing what happened, Melissa strives to understand her past and heal her future.  Justin is a homeless sage, obsessed with truth.  Synchronicity brings them together in a cafe.  An acutely crafted tale of self-exploration that parlays as a truth-seekers guide into the healing process, through the dark roots of sorrow into the liberating light of compassionately understanding one’s sexual desires, behavioral programming, and use of free will.  It is this iconoclastic saga of self-discovery that penetrates the fabric of human identity, interpersonal relationships, and the purpose of Life, Death, and Rebirth.  Melissa and Justin express the balance between the rational and intuitive, corporeal and ethereal, existential and spiritual, and the divine and mundane.  This reads like a fast paced odessy, honoring the true nature of tragedy, love, and mystical possibility.

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