These testimonials are old, from when I was a reader and not a therapist. I have not asked my therapy clients for testimonials but I wanted to give you an idea of my style through the eyes of clients. I was a reader for many years before merging reading with therapy. You can wear many hats as a healer and when I was a reader only it was always in service to healing the psyche and not focused on pure divination. Though divination often comes out with the cards, it is to help you align to your soul’s journey and lessons versus give you the future script before you live it out.

“Her readings are deeply intuitive, powerfully symbolic, and startlingly accurate.  Her interpretations are sourced from somewhere way beyond the ego; she is tapped in to a higher awareness and timeless cosmic knowledge.  In one reading, she was able to describe to me the flawed nature of a relationship that was challenging me.  The dynamic was made clear to me in a way that made it impossible to remain in denial any longer.  I was able to begin the process of moving on and letting go.  Using her psychic ability, clarity, and honesty, Michelle is a gifted healer with her intuitive readings.  She is able to convey what she sees in the cards with humor, humility, and a profound sense of respect for free will.  She is definitely one of the best tarot readers I’ve ever encountered.”-Erin

“She is an incredibly gifted spiritualist. I have received several readings from her over the course of the last fifteen years and her intuition has only grown stronger. She has an innate ability to see the deeper meanings and provides her messages with love and integrity. The message you receive from her is one that the universe intends for you to hear as I believe she is next-level when it comes to channeling and communing with universal energies. She is called to work from a place of pure intentions for the highest good.”-Evelyn

“I have been using her the past year and half for tarot card readings.  I thoroughly enjoy them and trust her insight.  It has really helped me evolve and learn about myself.  Before I went to see her, I was lacking direction and didn’t know how to grow.  I look to Michelle’s readings regularly to help guide my decisions and growth in a spiritual approach.  It’s a much more creative method then seeing a therapist.  At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but her readings are always spot on with where I am at.”-Alison

“Michelle is really perceptive and her intuition is off the charts. Her readings are accurate, soulful and have helped me learn more about myself as well as my current situation. Michelle is comforting, giving, and she has a great warmth when she reads.”-Amanda

“Michelle has helped me over the past 6 years gain an understanding of the situations I am facing and direction when I needed it most. Her intuitive and natural ability provides me with readings that guide and provide me with clarity. She is always there for me when I need her! I am grateful to have her in my life.”-Terrie

“As a reader, Michelle is unparalleled.  Her guidance made a profound impact in my life.  My father had been ill for almost 3 years.  The week before my father passed I had a reading with Michelle and she advised me to visit him as much as possible.  She also provided me with the tools to reassure him that there was much more to our life experience than what he had known in this realm.  During the week, I followed what was revealed in the reading, at the end of the 6th day, he passed in my presence.  It is hard to put into words the respect and love I feel for Michelle, there will never be another chance to say goodbye to my father and she directed me to do it in a way that brings peace in my heart.  I will always feel a strong connection and much gratitude toward her.”-Carole

“Michelle’s readings stem from the most potent & important place, a warm and loving heart and an intention to bring forth information that will guide me forward.  Her powerful intuition and relationship with the cards is evident as feedback seems to pour through her in a way that helps me see what my choices and barriers are.  She’s so very emotionally & intuitively intelligent in her feedback, encouraging insight into the unconscious struggle behind my situation, and a conscious awareness of my ability to exercise my own will through this awareness.  I’ve had many potent readings with her and am so honored & lucky to have her as part of my support team through this wild human ride.”-Jaqui

“Michelle has been reading for me about 8 years. Michelle has been spiritually guiding me through difficult times in my life. Michelle is very tuned into you and goes deep within you. She is amazingly accurate, clear and insightful. Thank you for being on this journey with me, not only through my challenges but also in helping me find myself. You have always been positive, motivating and inspirational. Michelle you have been such a great help to me I can’t tell you how I appreciate you using your talent to help me.”-Diane

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