Priestess Mercury Podcast

Below is a video I made on the upcoming solar eclipse new moon June 10, 2021

Click the link below to be taken to Youtube page where we post the video recording of the podcast that Matt ( and I record every other week. On this podcast we free flow based upon a topic. Matt and I both have Mercury and Neptune conjunct in Sagittarius, hence our desire to communicate off the cuff ramblings, musings, and deep dives about astrology, tarot, healing and the feminine. By feminine, we do not mean female. At the root of nature in this dimension on earth is a dynamic electric and magnetic polarity coursing through every form allowing us to exist here. The electric can be called the masculine and the magnetic can be called the feminine. The masculine, in the human psyche, is logic, reason, and linear direction while the feminine is feeling, intuition and multi-dimensional direction. Spiritual healing modalities such as astrology and tarot give us a pathway to explore through the feminine mind to deepen our understanding of the psyche, spirituality and the universe. Just a tiny explanation. Check it out and see if you resonate. You can also find us on Apple, Spotify and Google under the name Priestess Mercury.