As within, so without…life is a mirror…

I have been reading for about twenty-five years now. My readings focus on your true self and true purpose, the essence of why you are here and what your soul wants to create in this lifetime. 

In a session, I use my natural intuitive abilities, as well as the archetypes of the tarot cards and the planets to look into your psyche. My readings bring awareness and clarity…a lot may get unearthed in one session. You will receive insight about relationships, life purpose, career path, soul lessons, and your inner self.  I will also provide strategies and tools for healing.  

A natal chart reading is when I read your astrological birth chart, which like tarot, is another map revealing archetypes all humans share in common, that influence our behavior.  You will need your birth time, date, and place for me to do this. I read your chart by channeling the Universe, book knowledge is only the base.  A natal chart reading reveals your soul lessons, life purpose, personality traits, karma from past lives, and whatever else might come through about your life.  

My readings are rooted in the idea of the unconscious creating much of your reality.  Destiny is what is being manifested based on free will…and to free the will is the journey of healing. 

Readings may be one time only, seasonly, or more regularly, if you are seeking support through transitional and confusing times…

To schedule a reading, or ask questions, email me at

Readings are by phone, Skype, or in person.  If you prefer, I may also send you an email reading.  

By Donation:

 $100 per hour or $50 for a half hour.

Natal Chart Reading: $130

One thought on “Sessions

  1. I happened on your site as my name is Claudia Iris “Bloom” and I do Soul Portraits. I was drawn in by the depth of your writing.
    I am interested in possibly bartering for a natal chart. I create my own tinctures and healing Salve. I am on Facebook. With my name and also Creative Journeys and Soul Portraits Bloom.
    If this is a possibility I would love to hear from you.

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