Appointment and Rates

My office days are Wednesday through Saturday. Cash, credit/debit, checks accepted.

$100 dollars for a fifty minute individual session.

$140 for an eighty minute session for couples or longer individual therapy session.

I am unable to accept insurance but I may provide an invoice for you to give to your insurance, out of network.

We may discuss sliding scale if you are unable to afford full payment.

I offer a free consultation by phone or in person to see if I am the right fit for you.

On Tarot/Astrology Readings versus Therapy:

In my practice, there is no difference between a “reading session” or a “therapy session”.  I use tarot/astrology as a healing instrument to explore your soul and unconscious using intuition, not as a divinatory tool to predict external outcomes. Although we may look into the future with the cards, we look only into possible outcomes based upon the present state of your psyche. I use the cards and astrology charts to unearth what needs healing and how issues effect your work, relationships, etc. Using the cards and charts allows the unconscious and true self to speak directly with ego and these are powerful healing tools.

Contact me at or call (503)686-8101.

My office is in Maple Leaf on a bus route and with plenty of parking

Bloom Counseling on Facebook

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