(If you’ve found a Mu card on the street, on your doorstep, in a bathroom or some other random location, or if one was given to you, feel free to email me about the message and story:

Mu is the Motherland, upon which lived an ancient civilization of enlightened beings who lived in harmony with Earth….


Many different hybrids of star and earth beings lived on Mu, with many different skin colors, including blue…some skin was even made of light…


Some beings could incarnate into form and dissolve back to light, and come back into form again…and some did not incarnate physically at all… Mu was home to many…

For a long while, thousands of years…..all beings lived in harmony with one another and with Earth.  Mu was the largest but one of many territories brimming with a multitude of life…


Scientific brilliancy and Spiritual oneness lived in harmony as well.  Everyone could feel their connection to life, to spirit, to oneness, to the trees, seas, grasses, animals, sun, moon, starts, planets, creatures, and winds.  Telepathy was common.  Space travel was common.  Anti-gravity was a often used to build looming pyramids and other magnificent structures.

Humans lived off of prana, sunlight, and fresh clean water, needing very little food, although fresh food was enjoyed, as well as some cooking too.  Spices were considered sacred.  Stones and plants were understood for their medicinal properties and most healing modalities were completely natural.


Sexuality was considered a sacred act that brought two people closer to Oneness, love, each other, and the joy of being alive.  World traveling led to trade with other civilizations and cultures were shared.  Love and partnership created beautiful diversity around the globe.

The Priestesses of Mu were devoted to compassion, the wisdom of Heart, and connection to the Divine as all of Life itself.

turquiose mu-1

They worked with their energy fields, bringing healing and transformation, wherever it was needed.  They were also involved in governing their people, for the Priestesses were trusted, because they devoted themselves to the good of all….

The story of Mu is one I am waiting to tell. It’s come into my own imagination as a baby and the baby is fed by an amalgamation of books I read that unlock my inner vision. The inner visions crash onto the shore of my conscious mind in waves of high and low tide. Slowly the entire myth takes me deeper into the sea and eventually my soul will have to write it down…(hopefully before death takes me).