My approach focuses on transformation from the inside out and healing from a holistic perspective that bridges the spiritual/metaphysical/soul with the psychological.

I am direct, analytical, and rooted in an intuitive, empathic connection with you. I also bring humor and inspiration to session.

Attachment healing is the core work that helps you build a loving, aware, and strong sense of self. 90% of healing happens in the relationship between therapist and client. Finding the right therapist is vital because connection is the root of healing.

I use an eclectic blend of Jungian/depth psychology, IFS (parts work), attachment theory, narrative therapy, family systems work, mindfulness skills, and soul work stemming from ancient wisdom and practices. I am adept and experienced at using tarot and astrology as therapeutic tools.

Parts work and depth psychology root in ancient shamanic wisdom that stuck aspects of self need to be acknowledged in the shadow, integrated with the conscious self and returned to present time to heal from trauma and fragmentation of the self. Jung called this the individuation process. It is the process of becoming your true self. We can combine this work using tarot archetypes and learning about your soul through the birth chart if you desire although it is not necessary.

If you are interested, I offer a structured healing modality called The Fools Journey where I guide you through the 22 major arcana of the tarot through 23 sessions over the course of time you set. You will journey to meet and merge with each archetype one by one, initiating your soul into healing through this ancient path.

With couples my focus is on attachment healing, communication skills, and we may also use astrology and tarot to help you understand relationship dynamics and patterns.

What you need for healing is unique and I attune specifically to what you need. We can go as metaphysical and spiritual as you need or stick with psychotherapeutic modalities only.

I offer solid pragmatic tools to help you build communication skills, self-care practices, manage anxiety, and heal from trauma and PTSD. These practices are foundational support for the transformation of self.

Reach out and let’s talk. I offer a free consultation and I am happy to answer any questions.

What Is Therapy?

Therapy is about me tuning into you through what you share with me in conversation. By you opening up to me I can attune to your inner world and help you navigate through your life, thoughts, feelings, issues, and struggles. I can help you heal from the past, discover clarity, develop your sense of self, and implement tools to manage stress or improve communication.

Therapy essentially is an ongoing deep conversation all about you.

In couples session’s I will help you to understand each other, heal from attachment wounds, develop better communication, and learn new skills for healing through relationship.

You lead the way by sharing with me what you struggle with. I tune into you and join you on your journey.


Contact me at or call (503)686-8101

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