My approach is more direct, analytical, and rooted in an intuitive, empathic and somatic connection with you.

I bridge the spiritual healing modalities of tarot, astrology, chakra balancing, and soul retrieval with depth/mindfulness/attachment wound/family systems approaches of psychotherapy.

I like to bring humor and inspiration to session because the journey inward may also be creative and enjoyable.

What you need for healing is unique and I attune specifically to what you need.

It is the therapeutic relationship that facilitates 90% of healing. No matter what modalities are used, our connection is the most important aspect of the healing process.

My approach aligns with the medicine wheel and the sacred four directions of earth, air fire, and water.

True self is the center of the medicine wheel. True self is your soul, your signature, your essence, your authentic self. Becoming true self brings you into balance, well-being, purpose, and fulfillment.

The north is earth, body, the physical world. In this direction you will explore your family system, attachment style and wounds, ancestors, trauma, multi-generational trauma and your role in the family. You will learn the skill of differentiating true self from traits, wounds, and traumas that do not belong to you as well as from the traumas you experienced. Differentiation liberates you from the past.

The east is air, the mind, the story we tell about self. It is the story that creates and perpetuates suffering. I will help you re-author your narrative through finding the root cause of your issues, unearthing unconscious feelings and patterns of behavior to understand how the past is effecting your present story of self. A healthy story of self is your ally and guide.

The south is fire, will, motivation. Through developing mindfulness/spiritual practices, creating new neural pathways, and incorporating pragmatic therapeutic skills you will learn how to strengthen your will, overcome anxiety, come out of depression, and manage mood cycles. A strong will assures that you will take action, make progress, be consistent, and manifest.

The west is water, heart, attachment, love. You will work on your attachment wounds through having a non-judgmental and sacred space to express yourself. In the west you will also connect with archetypes and other aspects in the unconscious that deepen your connection with the transpersonal and create secure attachment within. Integration brings you into the present moment as your authentic self.

I am comfortable and adept using only psychotherapeutic modalities if that feels right for you. It is not necessary to use tarot, astrology, or alternative healing tools. There are many ways to look within and understand the self. If you feel drawn…

Reach out and let’s talk. I offer a free consultation and I am happy to answer any questions.

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