My approach focuses on transpersonal healing and transforming from the inside out using a holistic perspective that bridges the spiritual aspect of soul with the psychological aspect of ego. I see my healing style as being a true self and life transition doula. 

I am direct, analytical, strategic and rooted in a deeply intuitive, empathic connection with you. I also bring humor and inspiration to session. 

I prefer to work with clients seeking long term therapy as I believe therapy is not about fixing problems but being on a life long journey of healing and becoming the true self. 

Attachment healing is core. Experiencing a secure sense of self is rooted in a healthy ego that gets formed under age seven by how we are raised. This happens in the neural pathways of the brain. Most of us did not develop a healthy ego but this can be healed. We can develop new neural pathways which translates as feeling self love, self worth, reduced anxiety, healing and building secure relationships.

Did you know that 90% of healing happens in the relationship between therapist and client? Finding the right therapist is vital because connection truly is the root of healing.

I use an eclectic blend of transpersonal connection, depth psychology, IFS (parts work), attachment theory, narrative therapy, family systems work, mindfulness, and soul work stemming from ancient wisdom and practices. I am adept and experienced at using metaphysical modalities such as tarot and astrology as therapeutic tools to unearth the unconscious. We may dive into past lives, starseed lives, and working with your angels, ancestors and allies on the other side. 

Parts work and depth psychology root in ancient shamanic wisdom that stuck aspects of self need to be acknowledged in the shadow, integrated with the conscious self and returned to present time to heal from trauma and fragmentation of the self. Positive aspects and gifts of the soul may also live in the shadow and need to be brought to the surface to be lived out loud. Jung called this the individuation process. It is the process of becoming your true self. This is the crux of the healing path when working with me. 

With couples therapy my main focus is on attachment healing and learning communication skills. We may also use astrology and tarot to help you understand relationship dynamics and patterns. I enjoy working with couples who are seeking to understand and willing to dedicate to attachment healing within and as a couple in order to cultivate harmony in the relationship. 

What you need for healing is unique and I attune specifically to you. We can get as metaphysical as you desire or stick with psychotherapeutic modalities. Transpersonal or spiritual healing is about accessing the living Universe beyond ego. This can look like connecting with specific beings in the collective unconscious or spirit world, connecting with source as a specific undefined mysterious force, or simply engaging the transpersonal as nature or being. 

I offer solid pragmatic tools to help you heal anxiety or CPTSD, build communication skills, and develop mind body and soul self-care practices. These practices are foundational support for the transformation of self.

Reach out and let’s talk. I offer a free consultation and I am happy to answer any questions.

What Is Therapy Like?

Therapy with me essentially is an ongoing deepening conversation all about you with an experienced healer who has been through and continues to be on a healing and awakening journey in service to you. 

You lead the way and I tune into you and join you on your journey. I do not place myself in a position of authority. I am your equal. I use my gifts, skills and many years of experience to be your true self and life transition doula. 


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