My approach is eclectic and rooted in an intuitive and empathic person-centered relationship with the client. It is the relationship between counselor and client that creates the most healing in therapy. The tools come second. I attune to you as a unique being, allowing each session to flow with what wants to emerge.

I offer a safe sanctuary, where all feelings are welcomed to be expressed and released from the body. Sometimes all that is needed for healing is a caring, accepting, and present witness.

I use insight-based modalities, which include Jungian and depth psychology, narrative therapy, mindfulness-based awareness, attachment wound theory, and family systems, among the natural wisdom that emerges through the therapeutic relationship. These insight-based approaches explore parts of self, the wounds you carry, feelings, and mental/behavioral patterns. Deeper understanding along with cognitive/behavioral tools helps to liberate you from the issues you are facing.

I specialize in integration work using Tarot, Astrology (if you choose, these tools are not necessary), creative expression, active imagination, dream interpretation, ritual, and guided journeying to explore the unconscious. If you choose, we may also use Tarot and Astrology to explore the self and relationships on many levels. This method unearths what you were not aware of, bringing you into more balance and wholeness.

Healing approaches will vary from person to person and work in tandem, depending upon your needs. We will go as deep as you are willing to go, from learning coping skills and becoming more self aware, to helping you re-author your life myth, transform who you are, and create a deeper sense of fulfillment, purpose, equanimity, and self-love.