My approach tends to be more direct and rooted in an empathic, somatic and intuitive relationship with you. I also bring humor and a sense of adventure because the journey inward can be a creative process. Healing wears many costumes but is always rooted in love and compassion. It is the relationship between you and me that facilitates 90% of healing in therapy.

The space I hold for you, individually or as a couple, is a sacred space where all feelings are honored and may be expressed. The power of being seen, listened to and understood is transformative in and of itself. You get the opportunity to exhale and express what you have been keeping inside or spinning about. You have the opportunity to feel and explore all that arises.

Metaphorically speaking, I see myself as a midwife helping you birth your true self or birth the true self of your relationship. I facilitate deep self-exploration on multiple levels while providing a pragmatic framework to engage your mind, body, and feelings in a holistic process of healing.

Tarot cards are a medium I use as an archetypal healing tool to unearth and explore aspects of self in the shadow. The cards open up an intuitive and empathic dialogue, bringing awareness and clarity to what has been hidden. We may also use ritual, journeying, and creative exercises to express and integrate what comes up.

I can look into your natal chart, using astrology as an archetypal map, with individual or couple’s charts, to explore aspects of self or relationship. It is not necessary to explore with tarot or astrology but I do specialize in using these tools to access the unconscious quickly. When just talking on the ego plane, we may discover the same aspects over a longer period time. Tarot and Astrology are like dreams, revealing what the ego has denied in a potent way.

I use the insight-based modalities of Jungian psychology, narrative therapy, mindfulness-based CBT, attachment wound theory, and family systems as tools to explore self, family of origin, wounds, feelings and cognitive/behavioral patterns that are effecting self and relationships.

We may incorporate mindfulness cognitive-behavioral/somatic practices to help build communication skills, manage symptoms of complex trauma, depression, anxiety, or mood disorders. Hypnotherapy and NLP are tools we may use for changing unwanted patterns of behavior and thinking. I help you do the deep work while also giving you pragmatic coping skills to lay a strong and solid foundation.

If you are experiencing a spiritual awakening or spiritual crisis, I may be a  guide on your path. If you resonate with being a multi-dimensional being of light, a Pleaidian or other interstellar light being, and indigo or crystal child, a volunteer soul, or any other version of what I speak of, I may help you to integrate your awakening.

I come from many years of being a spiritual healer and may bring as much of this energy into our sessions as you like. I meet you where you are at in mind, body, soul.

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