My approach tends to be more direct, analytical, and rooted in an intuitive and empathic connection with you. I bring humor and inspiration to our sessions because the journey inward can be a creative and enjoyable process.

What you need for healing is unique. My job is to attune specifically to what you need.

It is the therapeutic relationship that facilitates 90% of healing, even from the deepest of trauma. Therefore, I don’t want to sell you on methods, although I do use a variety of methods to help map out your inner world and build skills to help heal and transform you into the person you are meant to be in this world.

I will help you find the root cause of your issues, bringing awareness to past trauma and unconscious patterns to understand how the past is effecting your present sense of self. We will explore your internal experience, your shadow, family of origin, and all that is hidden from your awareness that is asking to be acknowledged and integrated.

Tarot cards are a tool we may use to bring up the roots of issues hiding in your unconscious mind. The cards unearth what otherwise might take a lot of digging to bring up to awareness. They also open up an intuitive and somatic dialogue, bringing clarity and helping you release feelings held in the body.

We may also use ritual and journeying to explore your inner world. I can also look into your astrological natal chart, an archetypal map revealing aspects of your personality and your soul purpose.

I use the insight-based modalities of Jungian psychology, narrative therapy, attachment theory, and family systems to explore your inner world. We will incorporate pragmatic, somatic, and mindfulness practices to develop self love, build communication skills, and to help heal from trauma and anxiety.

If you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, I may help you to integrate these other worldly aspects of your soul. I can also guide you in exploring past lives for the purpose of healing chronic fears, wounds, and issues.

I will stick to using only psychotherapeutic modalities if that feels right for you. It is not necessary to use tarot, astrology, or alternative healing tools.

Reach out and let’s talk. I offer a free consultation and I am happy to answer any questions.

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