Healing approaches vary with what will work best for each client and different approaches tend to work in tandem and blend together.

My approach is eclectic and rooted in an empathic person-centered relationship with the client. It is the relationship between counselor and client that facilitates 90% of healing in therapy. I would say I am more directive in my approach. Bridging being an intuitive guide with the therapeutic process, I engage my intuition and deeper senses to connect with the root of issues and your true self. Using the Tarot cards is my main medium although it is not necessary to use them if you are not interested.

The space I hold for you is a safe sanctuary, where all feelings may be acknowledged, expressed and released from the body. The power of being seen, listened to and understood is transformative in and of itself.

I use the insight-based modalities of Jungian psychology, narrative therapy, mindfulness-based CBT, attachment wound theory, and family systems…along with the natural wisdom that emerges from the client through the therapeutic relationship. These insight-based approaches explore the self, family of origin, wounds you are carrying,, and cognitive/behavioral patterns to help liberate you from the issues you are facing and initiate healing on a fundamental level.

We may also incorporate mindfulness cognitive-behavioral and somatic practices to help build communication skills manage symptoms of complex trauma, depression, anxiety, or mood disorders. Hypnotherapy and NLP are tools we may use for changing unwanted patterns of behavior and thinking.

For those desiring integration work and coming home to the true self, we may delve deeply into Jungian psychology using active imagination, journeying, dream interpretation, creative expression, Tarot, Astrology, and ritual to illuminate and integrate aspects in the shadow and the unconscious.

If you are experiencing a spiritual awakening or spiritual crisis…I may be a  guide on your journey. If you resonate with being a multi-dimensional being of light, a Pleaidian or other interstellar light being, and indigo or crystal child, a volunteer soul, or any other version of what I speak of, I will help you to understand and integrate your soul aspects.

Contact me at or call (503)686-8101