babbling brooks out the mouth…

heat wave, burning in my heart. wasn’t that bad last night though. slept fine. we shall see about tonight. got the windows open, blind closed, fans on. blah blah blah. stayed out till past nine o’clock. good conversation with a friend about everything  karmic and astrological. walking through the smokey city streets, sun setting in a blazey haze of summer after a day at internship. exhausted but today i feel rejuvenated. i feel connected. i feel inspired and tired, hopeful and scared, torn and trusting the right decisions will be made, hungry and satiated. the polarities of feeling are dancing in my heart. life and death and how short this reality is. knowing my karma. knowing i can now navigate through this physical plane. not an escape artist, not a slave, not an owned possession, not needing another to make my existence secure. powerful for sure. then the other part of the karma is…as i know all this, i let it all go too, because the temporary nature of physical reality is a deeper truth. maybe the heat and the pressure mixing together is making wisdom the continual elixir. my brain is unraveling from the heat and at the same time my two feet are close to the center of the earth as if i am wearing boots made of grass and dirt. i don’t know what i am saying. but this is alright…

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