battling storm troopers in the fog…

the sky is filled with fog so thick i cannot see the mountains. woke up extra early. had a dream that i feel was from the collective unconscious, which i don’t usually have (after reading jung’s book on it). i have not seen star wars lately or thought about it, so i know this dream was influenced more by the myth than a recent watch. in the dream i am fighting storm troopers. i am living with my parents, in the basement, having a gathering. but i am also this bad ass warrior (not an archetype i have resonated with before). i put on my armor (some cloth jacket type thing) and strap on a gun even though i have a laser shooter for the storm troopers. i am not afraid of them but instead courageous and skilled at killing them. i sense when they are approaching and i fight like a master. i know from this dream that i am being seized by a living archetype in the collective unconscious. this sounds so intellectual and i hate that. i know a warrior is waking up inside me that comes from our human sea in the unconscious deep and has been hidden in the shadows. a knight, my masculine put in my shadow many years ago, before birth, all the way through the bloodline maybe. how much agency do we have when the evil side of the force threatens? how much can we fight and win? shadow work is no joke and it is no coincidence that i am doing this while my mother enters her journey. everything for a reason is this tapestry of life weaving in synchronistic symphonies. i know good and evil are cut from the same cloth and need one another to play out the human drama through us. if not for evil i would not waken the warrior. if not for death i would not be alive as michelle. death is not evil but i am revealing polarity’s reliance on one another. evil, as an archetype, is waking up the warrior archetype. the old me, who kept her masculine in the shadow bag would say both archetypes are unnecessary and stupid. i did not have respect at all. who i am becoming due to shadow work is overriding many judgements and it is building a self more equipped to handle the world we live in. it’s also challenging me to face the vicissitudes of life in a new way. i feel jung and challenge him too, as i read his deep wisdom. i have my own architecture of how it all works and i own it. but right now everything is foggy. right now, the world is dim around me…

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