random notes from a wilted flower…

i feel strange, new, tired, bloated, spacey, bright, confused. i am the moon. i am the unconscious on the surface. ideas are flooding through. old demons are slithering away back to the shadow and i know soon the shadow will slither away too. i don’t feel like making logical sense. feels like too much containment to make logical sense. i need right brained action this morning. getting on the mat feels too hard so i may take a long walk instead. not sure if i can hold my muscles in place. so fatigued. so looking forward to a week with my folks in vegas. needing to get out of this routine i have been in non-stop since i was in vegas last. when was that? christmas? yeah, i think it’s been about five months. the sky is blue. the sun is warming the land. the ceiling fan is always on. i feel emptied out and flattened out like a pancake. i don’t know. maybe i wont post this blog but i suppose i just will. this blog is written from the energy of a wilted flower. i need to get my energy levels back up this morning so yeah, gonna force myself out on a fast walk before work. ladeeda blah blah blah boring boring blog oh well, stream of consciousness come on through for two more minutes, the color blue, the way the dawn feels when i am not feeling blue is pink but this is a blue dawn, i am depleted i think, but maybe not, maybe i am just detoxing from the health kick i have been on this past week…it’s hard to say so i just wont say it, gonna listen to music instead and play it like it’s rolling through…

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