tidbit day four of the gauntlet…

notes on the past day: reoccurring dream ended because i understood it. first i recognized the “attention seeker” was in my shadow when i realized i was ranting about that in others. next, the attention seeker, now recognized by the power of my voice, shows up on my dreams three nights in a row, asking for expression in waking life. she is part of my will. this part of my will wants to be honored. i have done a lot of surrendering my will to my higher self. now it is my higher self that must honor this aspect of my will, like a parent honors a child’s desire to be who she is. i am doing this. and in other news, 3333 means the voice of the divine feminine within the human system, is what is needed right now for us all. we talked about the cycles being honored, in healing and human development, that you cannot skip steps, and how the imbalanced narrative, when the feminine is suppressed, can see more evolved states as “better than”, such as differentiation being better than the stage before. also, the oppression of sexuality, the brainwash on women and men. listening to others share about addiction,. specifically moved about stories of surrender and honoring how the object of addiction served a purpose. powerful. pulling the moon card as the archetype coming in for me. no knowledge or clarity. strong intuition. the realm of hecate, the divine feminine as an elusive collective energy. feeling pulled to work with children and play therapy. the trance state. everything is metaphor. life is surreal. these are just quick tidbits, gotta get in the shower. love.

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