three days in quick notes…

real quick: third night in a row of the same dream, two parts of self showing up as friends. one part is all about fashion, fun, and ignoring the other part which is all about doing what needs to be done, routine, structure, heart, respect. pulled cards on it. two parts are will and higher self. will wants fun, beauty, here and now joy. higher self is working for the larger picture. will needs to feel the sacred connection from higher self. higher self needs will to surrender to it. parts integration. i am not journeying into the shadow this week during school and not sure if this integration calls for shadow work or not. i will know more later…the other news is i realize my “chill as fuck” mantra is differentiation. discovered this in group yesterday. it’s exciting. been so tired. like bone deep fatigue. could hardly keep my eyes open yesterday. hope today is more energized. love.

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