quickie dream to not forget…no edit…

dream: this  young pretty fashionable woman, who is new friend i just meet, is supposedly driving me home but instead keeps driving. tree filled beauty is all around. “where are we?” she says we are headed toward the airport. i am mad because she did not ask me if i wanted to keep being out. she disregards my anger. we are on some red cliffs overlooking the sea. i am barefoot and although it’s beautiful, i am mad still. the rocks hurts my feet. she disregards my anger. we keep walking. now we are at a party. she is flirting with everybody and having a blast. i get more and more angry. i keep telling her i want to go home. this goes on. she wants to go dress shopping next. her energy and extroversion is endless. she wont listen to me at all. the party is in a house on the sea. the sea is encroaching, or the tide is coming in. everybody else thinks it is natural but i get scared the sea will swallow us up. i say out loud, “the sea scares me, i am leaving,” and i am on a boat home suddenly. the boat lands and i am next to this business man. we are suddenly on a theme park ride with many drops and turns. i am terrified and mad because i did not ask to be on this ride. i close my eyes and the drops and turns are not scary. i hold onto the side for dear life with arm. the strength of my arm holding on really stands out. we get onto land and i ask the two men, one of them who was beside me, how to get home. the man i was beside makes some joking comment about how i almost hurt him by holding on so tight to his arm. i am shocked as i really thought i was holding on to the side. i can hardly believe it. end dream. this dream really stands out and i feel the woman in the dream is a shadow part somehow. i need to contemplate this. other themes: water which is emotion taking over. disregarding of anger. not being able to get home. i have to hurry now, school this morning and no time for anything but getting ready. love.

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