new moon taurus blog…

i just realized it’s the new moon in taurus. double taurus and the new moon. taurus in the moon is always a challenging period for me. my thoughts become more dense and my cravings increase. it’s the polar opposite of my sun sign and it’s my fourth house on my natal chart, which is not the most comfortable place for me these days (home). maybe this cycle will be different. i am open to new associations being made at any time. strange dreams last night. dreamed about my friend’s child talking to me about how she liked maryland better than virginia. home. i am from virginia. new moon dream? yeah, i would say i pretty much grew up not liking my home. i was rebellious. maybe there is healing to do here. looking back, i miss one house that sat against the woods sturdy and spacious. i miss the woods being right behind my house. i miss sturdy and spacious. i am repeating myself. i do long for a home, a house, a place to paint the walls and stay for a while, a place with a back yard. i like the city life too but i am not attached to it. i can also remain a gypsy. my soul is here for values other than the material things. material things come second. but with the moon in taurus the focus is on what i value and the material. pisces rules my second house and i tend to value the spiritual and dreams over the physical and material reality. i am attracted to the souls of men and that’s what makes me attracted to their bodies. i value a feeling over a thing. due to being so entrenched in my jungian work these past weeks, i have felt inspired and hence, not too hungry for what i don’t have in my life. but i do value home and i value creating a long lasting true love relationship. i want it to be with an equal who is my compliment, not the same as me. i want space to be me and give him space to be him. i want deep intimacy, where trust allows us to understand one another and not get defensive. i want to not worry about rent increases, constantly living on the edge of being kicked out of my home because of them. i want furniture that wont break. i want a wok and nice cookware though i am not too much into cooking, i think sometimes i could be really into it. anyhow…i don’t want to rest on the laurels of my wants this morning. not in the mood. this body. this body called me. this body called me is the only body i have. health is valuable to me. i am more of a moderation person than a total removal person. i find growth in balance over abstinence but if i have any addiction where i feel i need to abstain, it is with gluten. gluten awakens the hedonistic monster in me. other more typical poisons i can imbibe in sacred moderation. sometimes i think about removing them but then i stop myself because i sense wanting to remove them being activated from a negative place inside, a place of trying to be something i am not that is perfect and pristine. moderation and balance are my allies for health on physical and mental levels. as i change, grow, and age, so does what i imbibe. alcohol decreases, portions reduce. certain foods never seem to touch these lips anymore and all elements that pass these lips are divine. ritual is very important to me, as is my spiritual practice. i do ritual all the time and my yoga practice is my foundation even though some weeks i do it twice and other weeks i do it four or five times a week. i would not be ok without it in my life. stones are very important to me. they are not things, they are sentient beings, like plants. stones are alive and they are nature. essential oils, incense, colors, spices, all impact me deeply. not a day goes by i am not using these medicines as my allies. i am deeply connected to nature in this way but i am not connected to nature like being in deep nature or the wild. all the taurus contemplations….but what are my intentions of this new moon? hmmm…need to contemplate this off blog and set them for my practice this morning…

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