i feel extra tired this morning. moon’s in aries but i am not feeling the fire. maybe it’s two days of rain in a row. maybe it’s the shadow leaking into the daylight. maybe it’s from the art coming out of me and the delving into my personal hell. maybe maybe maybe. rain all week is predicted. showing up into the present with love, this is the protocol. just keep doing that and just keep going even when the soul wants to slink away and stop doing everything. i need a vacation. about one more month till vegas, thank goddess, i really miss my folks and the desert sun. i feel cheesy this morning too. sentimental. my dreams last night were humbling. i have not much to say after last night’s long free flow beatnik spew. sluggish, yeah, that’s the word, sluggish. slugs. slow moving creatures close to earth. free associating now. time. perception. ferris wheels going round and round. learning the same lesson. goodbye to the old and hello to the new. hello to secure attachment. hello, atlantis. hello, left brain. hello, society. hello, shadow in all of your glory. hello, the way things work. hello, production. hello, assessment. hello, apa style. hello, final paper. hello, institutions. hello, being a father not a mother. hello, north node, hello, mercury retrograde. hello, yoga mat. hello, present moment. hello, is it me you’re looking for? cause i wonder where you are and i wonder what you do? i just wanna say i love you. i just called to say i love you. blah blah blah, hello. sigh. time to end this blog. hello, end. i can’t do it. my fingers keep typing as if on autopilot. as if my fingers are waking up my brain, wake up, this is your life. wake up, time to be in the monday flow. wake me up before you go-go. god, i still can’t believe he is gone. weird how we attach to famous people. and youtube stars too. attachments are real. for real, ending this thing. the mat calls my name…

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