psychology babbling…

i slept with “the odyssey” under my pillow as an experiment to see if i could imbibe the story through osmosis like edgar cayce was able to do. no luck, but i still wonder if the story planted seeds into my subconscious from doing that. my goal is to align my personal myth, dreams, associations, with that of the collective. well, not to align, but to discover the alignment already there. to do an archeological dig into my own unconscious, all the way down into the collective roots from whence i sprung. yesterday was a powerful day because i shared and spoke one of my underworld journeys to a friend. to speak it in the waking world to another (and two crows, one of which carried my story away with it) seemed to change me…seemed to dissolve another layer of shame and lighten my being. this work is my bliss. i am seeing how these journeys i take, using active imagination as jung called it, or journeying as the shamans call it, or creative visualization as others call it…is not just seeing pictures in the mind and doing cognitive work…these pictures are speaking to my body and my body is speaking to my mind. images are the language of the body and the subconscious.  these journeys are my mind in active communication with the body and with the unconscious. this is why the work is effective. i am also learning that journeying right after my yoga practice is the best time, just like the yogis of the east meditate right after asana practice. asana practice’s purpose is to prepare the mind for meditation. my meditation right now is journeying. i use my asana practice to watch my thoughts and find myself in breath, then i use my mind to speak to my body’s mythology through the journeying. i am recording this process in a journal and researching the process for my final paper. i know not everybody will be into this method of healing, but i am not going to be afraid to specialize. i am following the call of what raises my life force. so far i observe three life force raising specializations as a counselor: jungian//narrative/systems healing work (guiding others through the dark night of their soul and their unconscious), doing creative groups with the schizophrenic and severely mentally ill population, and couples therapy. this blog is partially being written to help clarify my proposal for my final paper. writing papers is always a process of turning chaos into order and it’s not easy. i can feel what i am about and know what i know and don’t know on many felt levels, but to articulate what i know is the challenge. i have always been a messy articulator, mildly poetic when i am at my best, fairly concise when i am at my best, able to speak of the essence when i am at my best…but getting to the being my best is friggen hard. i like to be messy and live in the mystery. i also like to organize and articulate too. oh who cares! blah blah blah. no more talk of caterpillar legs. the sun is out and i wish i could play in it today but i really do need to write my paper so i will long for the sun from a cafe window. listening to my 432 binaural beats to prepare. sighing and waiting for my moon time to arrive. tired this morning, yet inspired….

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