grace vine travels…

yesterday was a great day. it was one of those days where i feel happy for the work i am doing. where all reluctance and every various way i can psychologically block my truth, snakes down the drain. i am left only with a natural joy inside shining inside like a little sun for being in alignment with my path, my purpose, my calling. i love life and i also feel very in touch with how quickly and easily i could die. feeling the temporariness of being me and deep appreciation for being me. i don’t need this to last forever and i am getting used to the way feelings course through in blue lily storms, tearing down my resolve sometimes, leaving me weak and shaking, making my dreams turn to puddles, making the daylight turn to midnight blue. from dark to light and dark to light. explore the dark and travel back again to build the light. break down with sorrow and travel back again the build the dream, brick my brick, layer by layer. arrive into the present with a gaping heart that feels little difference between me and you on an essential level and at the same time, differentiates myself from you, honoring our work of art here, the expression of being an individual. resisting nothing. maybe it’s from journeying to my hell and back a few times this past week. each journey lightens my load in quintessential irony and paradox. dreamed about old friends last night. many of them. was going to my high school reunion and excited to see the people i have not seen in twenty five years. why? is life flashing before my eyes? who cares why. the why is not where the action is at right now. allowing all aspects to have a voice is more the thing. the sky is blue outside and i feel like singing. gotta write a paper this weekend. not much else to say. another weekend rolling around the bend…

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