full moon on monday…

next three mornings will be fast blogs cause i gotta get on the bus and leave early. most intense dreams ever. all about attachment wounds and relationships. the kind of dreams that sink you so deeply into sleep that when you awake, it feels like you went traveling. tummy ache in the middle of the night too. i think from eating fruit for dinner. i feel disoriented this morning. i feel tired. i feel tender. the full moon in libra is tonight. this is my moon. mercury went retrograde, joining jupiter, saturn, and uranus. i can tell. i am inward. this weekend was good because i basically had three days of productive solitude, other than a lunch and a skype session, yet it’s also left me feeling lonely and longing to have a home with a person and an animal. to have warmth and solidity. to have somebody to share the daily with. to share the mundane. to share the little things. i am not craving excitement, i am craving coziness. i feel sad. my heart is not heavy though because things are becoming undone inside my heart. things are loosening. the weight is shifting and maybe leaving. the rain is coming down. another depressing seattle spring day. rain rain go away is the cliche i am feeling this morning. feelings, nothing more than feelings. what does my mind report? progress. investigation. i don’t know. i don’t care. it’s too early. i am bringing my coffee on the road. i hate how changing my morning routine throws off my body but i best be more tender and gentle with myself. and for all sensitive creatures. i wish i had more to say. i cannot even recall my dreams in specifics. this full moon is having an effect on my consciousness. i guess libra is all about partnerships. i have five planets in libra and it’s true, i have a lot of partnerships, many friends, many alliances. except one. the most important one. well, maybe not the most important. but the most intimate one, rather. here i go again, speaking the same speak for the millionth time and i just cannot do it. if i keep putting one foot in front of the other, eventually….all will be revealed. staying on the ground. another day alive. thank you, life, for i am aware that in a second, i could be gone from this place.

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