tiny passion blog…

this will be a fast post because i am running a tad late and also i don’t know what to say. intense dreams all night long about being with different romantic partners. it was a whirlwind. i had a thing in me after internship yesterday, a thing that wanted release. a big energy filled with sparks and aliveness, colors, humor, passion, and i could not find the outlet for it. because of of this, the big energy took me down by 8 pm. i was so exhausted i could not keep my eyes open. this big energy is a huge part of me and it’s knocking on the door of my consciousness wanting an outlet. what ever shall i do? i need to make art and yet resistance is in place for whatever reason, showing up as not wanting to make art and i feel it is because i want to make something else. something more physical and raw, something more primal, not quiet, not contained. anyhow, what more to say, dragons are breathing fire, per usual. every day the movie plays and the actors come alive in slightly different ways. we are all so friggen alive and filled with everythingness. i am talking with vague glittering emptiness and i realize it. back down to the ground, get on the mat, listen to the sounds around me, get out of the head and allow the heart surrender into the poses and dance as i follow my breath and stretch this fiery passion out like taffy from my toes to my neck. the sky is still grey. the rain has her way. down down down the water comes in little sheets of see-through.

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