sunday didi/blessings/run on sentences…

i have been walking and walking and walking through the city all weekend and loving the urban vibe. i needed to walk and walk and walk and walk. i needed the city streets. i needed the inspiration, good talks with friends, good thoughts in the head, fruit bearing thoughts, fruit bearing friends, fruit bearing walks and i realize how much i desire to write a run on sentence and how i am doing it and making my desire come to life in the moment and good that feels and how i keep saying the word “good” and how it reminds me of the word “go” and how many of us have pent up desires stored in the factory of our hearts pumping dreams up to be stored up for later or become a fantasy place but what about manifesting them? and i am talking small dreams like taking pictures of pike place market at night or eating fruit picked right off a tree or him surprising me with one big fat sunflower in his hand making the signs come to life like the sign i devised where every time i see a mint green scooter it’s universe telling me to get back into my soul space. no, i don’t feel like universe is a cold or sci-fi word, i feel the comfort in this word. don’t like the word god or even goddess per se because i do not feel the presence of oneness as a being that would be able to fit inside such a word. i crave the expansiveness which is maybe i love the desert because you can see sky forever and and ever and the red rocks contrasting the blue make me happy, so happy. i bought a pyrite egg and can’t stop staring at it. i could live inside of it. i love pyrite so much. i love rocks so much. i am so passionate about rocks that i keep surrounding and covering myself in them. rocks are my element. i long for the mountain air too. these dreams are possible to manifest. i am keeping it simple cause it’s sunday and a day to revel in the beauty of having a body alive on this earth, the beauty of the earth, the beauty. even though the sky is dishwater grey. even though the sun is nowhere to be seen. even though i am tired and wish to sleep for days. even though even though even though. saving my even thoughs for another day. no work today. no thoughts about what i need to do. nothing of the sort. ok, well…errands must be run but that i will make into some frivolous jaunt…somehow…because i need to keep walking walking walking until the fire is put out or satiated.

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