friday morning feeling fluffy…

got things planned over the next two weekends that are fun. fun?  wow, it’s been so long. spring is really here, i think. deep levels of healing are occurring in the form of love. moving forward is becoming more natural and less forced. life is starting to feel like it’s flowing and not so much of a constant uphill climb. ahhhhh. a bit of reprieve. last night i was so tired i fell asleep before nine. faced some dragons yesterday but it’s beginning to feel natural to do that too. not so hard. just feel the feeling without resistance, whatever it is. just watch the thoughts try to seize your heart but don’t let the thoughts in that deep. instead track the thoughts all the way back to their core schema inside and instead, go directly to the hurt child that became the shadow by being forgotten. give love this hurt child. the child will then dissolve back into the wholeness of the adult. it’s the same every time though the stories need different things. some stories need to become novels. some stories need to be told to a certain person. some stories need to be whispered to the night sky. some stories need to be painted. some stories need to be sung into a crowd. the stories, they have needs. our stories wish to be witnessed, acknowledged, and loved too. i am becoming crystal clear on how this process works in it’s most efficient form from the lab of my inner researcher, and i am also just letting it flow and become art as an artist. round and round and round i go. death will come when she wants and nobody knows. until then, i live. this morning i like life a lot. i got my moon flow and feeling upbeat. refreshing. maybe i will do things differently today. like, take a walk some place new in the morning. i dunno. i just feel like doing things different. i feel different. maybe it’s the rose quartz that entered my life yesterday. maybe it’s remembering a forgotten story from my youth. who cares why.

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