philosophical tuesday blog…

was weaving together pieces of my budding philosophy yesterday morning. i don’t want to forget. the true self is not already formed. to form it, to be it, is a creative act. what is inherent within us already is an essence, raw, carrying memories from other lives. what we make of who we are in this life is a creative act. creativity heals and transforms. are you a go with the flow type of person, or do you decide what you want to do and you go and do it? are you a go with the flow person with who you are, or do you decide who you want to be and become it? yin an yang. both are relevant. the illusion of self is a creative project, not something yucky to be discarded. though some people’s karma is to transcend the illusion of self and that is their creative act. this is how my theory is not turned into a dualistic mind trap. it’s all creative at the source. my brain operates so philosophically that it’s a challenge to bring it down to a clinician level. in the room, sitting with a client (do not like this word) i am simply running on intuition. no theories exist in the living relational field. theory is the undercurrent. i know each person i sit with is a creative being with infinite potential, no matter how much the world shuts down this potential. not the world, but society. we are asked to face an outer demon constantly unless we fit in with society’s version of acceptable. anybody who is marginalized in any way must face continual oppression, antagonization, threat, challenge. i am not condoning this by saying, i think facing this oppression is a creative act. oppression is fucked up no matter what. i am only coming from a victor frankl point of view that when faced with oppression and tyranny, making meaning out of it that serves you, is necessary medicine. bring in the eastern wisdom of everything being temporary and the mind’s meaning making being illusion and see meaning making as a creative act, not an objective truth. this is the adjustment. clinging to objective truth and externalizing the power source keep people entrenched in helplessness and prejudice, and yet they are not the culprits. the culprit lies within the personality. yet the mechanism of seeing truth as external, objective, and all powerful brings as much danger as it does safety. you cannot escape the dualistic nature of thinking. every word has a mirrored opposite. but when looking through a creative lens, this does not matter as much. life becomes more about a sense of wonder, curiosity, growth, and expansion. logic is freed up to move about and have a sense of humor. people are not boxed into forever sealed categories. bringing this all back down to the ground i think about my childhood and many childhoods of those who did not have a happy one. when the world around me was threatening i escaped into my creative imagination. the artist was born from that escape. spirit found me and comforted me. my connection with the divine became personal. every theory i summon stems from this. childhood is always the root of who we are. i honor this. i honor the past. i don’t just live in the now. i refuse to just live in the now. the stories we come from need voices and yearn for narrators to heal the tale, to decorate the universe with the poetry of our existence. we each have our bent. i don’t harp on anyone’s bent so long as it does not harm others. i save my harping for what is truly pertinent. joy needs breathing room and sometimes joy is only a little spark among a vast network of challenges. protecting that little spark requires skill. i believe that creative thinking is core to truly enjoying one’s existence and this is what i care about. the tyrannical powers want us only to be slaves or to sacrifice our joy for the human race. no more complete sacrifice. no more slavery. i am changing the narrative.

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