teeny saturday relief….

hallelujah. the sun is out and the weariness packed up and left to vacation in some other person’s brain this morning. the gemini moon has arrived and i am feeling inspiration descend. please, sun, stay out out today, i beg you. i need you. i do feel a tad bit desperate for your light. weird and heavy dreams all night. been obsessed with the show “mr. robot” and when i get this obsessed i wish i had a job writing for television. i wish my days were spent creating a masterpiece. i think this show is a masterpiece. i long to be part of making such a stellar creation. thank you, sam esmail, for making this show. i am feeling so much better physically and emotionally and need to because my twelve day gauntlet is coming up. school internship school, with no break. maybe when it’s over spring will begin to reveal herself. pulled cards on skype last night with a friend and the cards showed it is best to wait to move. something more than just finding a place is approaching. i can sniff destiny on the wind. i think i dreamed about moving to new york city again. stand clear of the closing doors please. some places get under your skin. some people nest deep in your being too. venus goes retrograde today. or, it did already, early in the am. time to reflect upon what i value again. time to understand what matters to me now. emergent style. i don’t have much to say. blog is still feeling challenging. i hope for more poetic writing to return. for me and for you. i know my blogs have been totally boring these days.

3 thoughts on “teeny saturday relief….

  1. That obsession is how I feel about Studio Ghibli movies – so inspiring, so mesmerising that I just need to watch them all! (Which I will be doing over the next few days, hehe). I believe that poetic writing is dependent on many factors in our lives: living a gentle life, living a life filled with deep waters and forests and high mountains in our souls. But, even when we journey through the damp and mossy woods of our spirits, we may find that simple and what we might feel are dull words are all that comes out. Writing is not a science, though society would have us believe it is. It is fluid, it is creative, it ebbs and flows and comes and goes just like the waves and the clouds and the seasons. Your poetry will flow back to you, give the tides a chance to do their thing. Perhaps you should try another form of writing, or expression, to get the storm raging in your soul. ❤

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