notions of self on friday…

reading about emotion focused therapy and the philosophy behind it, which is similar to narrative therapy in that its roots nestle in a constructivist philosophy. basically, through this lens, there is no inner self. self is a verb that is continually forming in the moment. you cannot repress feelings because there is nothing to repress them into. if you don’t feel something it is because the moment is not constructing that feeling. there is no such thing as true self from this view. self is formed by the synthesis between what is happening in the outer relational field and how the internal systems organize to form a coherent meaning. this is a post-modern view that seeks to destroy an old way of thinking, a Platonic way of thinking, that there is a perfect form or a true form that we are always trying to return to. i sense this philosophy judging the idea of true self as archaic and dominating. i don’t see it this way. i think what you vibe with is what is real for you. i feel my true self and i am more of jungian thinker than a constructivist thinker, but if you are more of a constructivist thinker, than that is what is real for you. conceptual realities are subjective to the degree that we cannot see beyond the vehicle of this body we inhabit, so claiming absolute truth about the concept of self seems like a moot effort to me and i welcome variety over absolutism. how’s that for a run-on sentence? anyhow, i am allowing myself to dive into this perspective even though i don’t feel it is true. i do observe a hard wired temperament in myself and others. you see it with litters of animals. each baby has its own pre-formed personality from the get-go. you see it with siblings too. yet let me state again, i am no extremist and i am wary of any philosophy that seeks to say this is the way it is, period. i see both happening in terms of self. i can feel my self being a verb in the moment, constructing the concept of self as i go along…and i can feel my inherent soul-self as an archetypal/spiritual energy that is already formed or beyond time. the only time i pick a side of thinking is when talking about human/animal rights. i stand for human and animal rights completely and i am not open to any other way. i can feel a different self constructing in the moment in order to respond to oppression and see how the constructivist lens has its place in my lived experience. the philosophical side of thinking endlessly fascinates me. i also enjoy putting techniques, or ways of thinking, into practice. i am digging emotion focused therapy as a technique because the emotions are seen as adaptive indicators. this practice is not about expressing the feeling just for the sake of it, which blows my mind out of a former technique is was cemented into. i have spent that last five years of my life dedicated to expressing feelings for the sake of expressing feelings, as a medicine. the practice of EFT is not about that. it is about using feelings as significant indicators of what adaptive actions will help to bring growth oriented change to the self. this is an uber simplified definition for blog purposes only. just expressing my enthusiasm for practicing this method on myself and on dipping in to the constructivist philosophy of self for a stint. getting out of my usual notion of reality feels joyful, which means that this thing called self is eager to expand. tonight i am going to a jungian lecture and will expand through the lens that resonates deeper for me. a little bit of both…

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