when nature nurtures…tales from the yin.

what a strange snow day it was…i felt like i was moving through a thick fog. long morning, slow yoga, tuning my body into the muse’s radio station, receiving thoughts about future ideas. i realize now, i need to make some yoga mornings slow and yin in order to tune in to these radio stations. the ego is always wanting to accomplish, get that gold star, and easily forgets to slow down and tune in to the subtle frequencies. since i no longer have the time to stare out the window and contemplate as much as this soul needs, i will turn contemplation into a yoga practice. the power of sitting in child’s pose or any simple pose for a long time while opening to the divine will be a new added practice to compliment my fiery ashtanga flow. yin finds yang again and harmony is restored. walked out into the snowstorm, named maya. city walking during a heavy snow is not fun. the sidewalks are a continual slush pile or icy death threat. a practice in mindfulness is what a six block walk becomes. hung out in the bookstore but found nothing. my mind is completely off literature right now. i felt the sadness for the old me no longer active in this body. sadness is informing me of loss, i understand now as a book came in the mail on emotion-focused therapy when i got home. i am gobbling it up. laid on the couch to read and the sun came out, piercing through my window like a star. the sun is a star but i hardly feel like it is most of the time. most of the time, the sun is the sun, a warm fire ball of life giving honey. yesterday afternoon, the sun pierced through my window and into the crown of my head, cool and sharp, illuminating my insides like a star. i knew the sun put me to sleep for two hours so i could receive its light without interruption. when i woke up i felt different somehow. kept reading and listening to binaural beats, tuning into the frequencies of…what, i don’t know, but a radio station that is calm and loving. it was a day where nature took care of me, even in the middle of a city inside a studio apartment with an electric heater hissing loudly. feeling connected to the larger story of the universe again…

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