humanity love rant…

human rights above religion, this is my stance. human rights as an unquestionable axiom, this is my stance. i would go so far as to include the earth and animals in this too, this is my stance. religion does not get the right to make the law, this is my stance. this will never change and i will always stand for it. i know there are religious people who don’t agree because they believe their god comes first and his law is supreme. i really don’t care. when it comes to human rights, i don’t budge, philosophize or argue. there are religious people who also put human rights first and that is where religion belongs, as one’s personal and/or communal connection with the divine, separate from law. christians who believe the LGBQTIA community are equal and celebrate the differences of humanity give religion a safe place in culture. then there are those who believe the LGBQTIA community are sinners and need to be healed of their sins. this belief is harmful. human rights are not a belief. i don’t believe all humans are equal, humans are all equal. only those who feel all people as equal will see this perspective. the religious people who say those who sin are still equal, just sinning, don’t apply. there is a massive cognitive dissonance in saying gay people are equal but they are sinners and yet i know those who believe this are not interested in challenging their god’s law, therefor, i don’t care to convince them. i care to see the law be for human rights. i care to see those in power stand for human rights. those who believe the LGBQTIA community are sinners, that women should submit to men, and that people of color are inferior should have no say in making the law. these beliefs are harmful and should be abolished. unfortunately, they are still alive and active in the hearts of many. my heart breaks for all their children getting indoctrinated into beliefs that compromise human equality in any way shape or form. nothing will ever change how i feel. all humans are created equal and there is nothing to argue about it. my intention for expressing this right now is because it came up in conversation last night and the message is throbbing in my heart. what do you stand for? does it throb in your chest? how am i going to show up? i am working on myself. grief and shock are beginning to wane as my voice slowly returns. i accept the anger of those who may be pissed at me for sitting on my privileged white laurels for too long. i feel deeply regretful for this. i also know what it is like to be targeted as a woman and a girl, and i have been. a large part of my healing, if not the bulk, is focused on empowerment. been thinking about sexual abuse again. how it stole my self worth and sense of body sovereignty for so long. everyone gets affected by life differently. i wonder if one of the reasons i am so compassionate is because i have experienced mental health issues and not being able to function in this world or even within my own body. i have experienced total melt down, shut down, avoidance, and suffering to degrees that i could never judge anyone for their reactions to life. pulling yourself up by the bootstraps is not in my vocabulary. the learning edge has always been to have courage, stand up, and face what is scary. though when you are under the influence of ptsd, it takes a long while to get there. mental health issues are real. not everyone is the same even though we are all equal. one’s internal experience cannot be studied and turned into a statistic either. i understand why some people place what they believe is their god’s law before human rights and cannot see how this belief takes away human rights. i know what it is like to live in denial and to see only what fear shows me. i want to see everybody set free. one thing i cannot relate to is externalizing the power source. i have always experienced god within and inside of all of life. never felt god to be an external being who rules over life. i have always felt a strong sense of self in contrast to others and the outside world. for all the pain and struggles i have faced, my sense of self has shown me the way within to love. for this i am grateful. this blog is more of a rant, i realize. some blogs are like that. some blogs are more of a rant than others. i am learning how to voice my opinion and not be diplomatic at every turn…

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