post-storm after thoughts…

yesterday was intense for me and the country. so many woman (and men) marched in resistance to the new leader. i wasn’t shocked, it was as if i lived through it already. sometimes i get like that. women will be the ones who make the change, is the line always going through my head. i say this with pure love for men and women. in my belief the patriarchy destroys men as much as women. men are raped of their emotional bodies and women of their physical. it’s not so black and white but that’s a gist of how i see it. yet women will be the ones to rise up and lead this time because we have been enslaved by men, made property, and objectified by men and this is about empowerment within the larger story of disempowerment for both sexes. men have been able to treat us this way because they are robbed of their emotional bodies which causes them to see us as objects because they have lost touch with their inner feminine force and project this loss onto us by making us objects. women have lost touch with our inner masculine energy and this shows up as a loss of power that we project onto men by giving up our power or not knowing that we have it, believing the dominant cultural story. every human being is has both feminine and masculine energy coursing through, no matter what sex the body is. the loss of balance of these two forces is a root cause of disease the same way the body can only hold disease if the ph balance is off. i don’t mean to be reductionist, only explaining a certain aspect. division is a complicated game and a masterful art that has been running the show for a long time. how to unite our differences and be one human race with distinctions that don’t cause a loss of power? how to become equals while still maintaining what is different about us in gender, sex, color, culture, religion? we did a powerful exercise yesterday in school, gestalt style. what does power and the healing of power look like using only our bodies to show it? no words. no definitions. no left brain. my heart understood on a deeper level. the enslavement of the entire human race is real because the entire system is corrupt and hence all power within is corrupt. yet this does not disqualify how awful it feels to not have power within the corrupt system. to not have shelter, freedom to vote, freedom to choose, this is as real as the deeper understanding that the entire system is against all of us. all day i did not feel good physically and felt detached mentally. in the car ride home i balled my eyes out, finally. i cried for my own intense story i am going through in life right now and probably for the entire world, as i tend to cry snowballs when the tears storm like they did last night. fire and water are my elements right now. fire and water. we all rise up and face what we fear. we face the oppression. we face the loss of rights that has always been present since the beginning of culture as we know it. i remember a time when humanity had rights. this story lives in my imagination. but life keeps on going deeper into the shadow now and i am rising up, rising up…to meet the challenge. what about you?

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