shadow ride commencing…

i am feeling the shit hitting the fan approaching with the new leader and what is going to happen in this country. i am not astonished. i knew this was coming. if you’ve been steeping in the metaphysical community for any period of time, you knew this was coming too and you know it’s because the shadow must be brought to the light for healing and this is an opportunity for us to band together against tyranny and work to bring sovereignty back to the people. i don’t know how but i do know it requires numbers, community, intelligent action. it’s not going to happen if too many of us revert to slander, hatred, despair and giving up. my compassion for how hard it is to rise to the challenge is immense. as a healer, i understand how difficult it is to come into the present and be fully awake and aware with a balanced and alert emotional body. maybe the hardest thing ever due to all the trauma we have stored up just from our own childhoods. most of us, me included, revert emotionally. we revert to escape, slander, sarcasm, depression, avoidance, blaming. cognitive dissonance is a coping mechanism we all have been living with for years. for everyone working to help us, thank you. we need more workshops, classes, articles, books, lectures, tools, voices. we need more community togetherness. i am so busy this year with grad school and internship i don’t have much time to give to community outside of my cohort and internship community. i also need plenty of solitude to stay balanced. there is that too. what replenishes your heart? what gives you strength? you want to know what you need and not follow what others need. as many readers i know, we get senses of what it will look in the future. i have seen what other psychics have seen too. i have seen martial law, nuclear war, the dismantling of power, the loss of security, the grid going down. i have not seen a mild and peaceful transformation. rarely does that happen. usually it takes a decent amount of destruction to bring about transformation. i honestly do not see peace for humanity happening in my lifetime. i am only being honest. i see my lifetime being all about the break-down. but i also am not claiming to be right. just sharing what i see and i am only one person. i feel ok to die if we all go down in flames, but i don’t want that to happen. i suppose if i were to sum up what i see in a nutshell, i see about two hundred or so more years of melting down and rebuilding to get to a moderate level of justice, peace, and new way for humanity in the age of aquarius as we refer to it in the metaphysical world but call it what you will. that’s if we make it there to begin with. from mother earth’s point of view it may not be too big of deal to lose the humans. many species become extinct. it’s easy for me to zoom out. sometimes death happens for an entire species and even if death stems from human corruption i feel that human corruption is a part of nature too. everything is nature. even human crap. when i am one on one with people i care much more deeply than when i am zoomed out. you got to choose your battles. mine is to tend to the individual soul. when i am working with an individual i am in a creative and passionate zone. when i am writing or painting i am also in the creative passionate zone. only when i am reflecting do i zoom out so far that i feel detached from outcomes and i think it’s fine. having a libra moon means seeing things from two emotional perspectives at all times. i feel at peace with death and destruction and i also feel the deep soul calling to be of service to humanity’s transformation. both emotional perspectives stem from love but i won’t put the peace with destruction in the driver’s seat. the service part of me will drive and the peace with destruction part will be there to cool off the healer if she starts to lose her emotional balance. solitude and being in the thick of the human heart. zoomed out and zoomed in. always both. tyranny, prejudice, and oppression have been running the game for thousands of years already. what is new is that this country is entering her break-down phase and it’s scary. the loss of rights is likely becoming a physical reality here. even if the corruption has been awful for thousands of years we have had leaders who either give us doses of hope and help us out a bit or they don’t seem too awful. to have a leader who is corruption on a stick is likely to mean that the time has come. or it doesn’t. again, i am not claiming to be right, but i predict that the time has come. what are we going to do about it? what i am i going to do about it? i find that the most important first step is to check the self. i am making sure i am present emotionally, in balance, aligned with the divine, and tending to my heart daily for replenishment. putting the oxygen mask over me before my child, so to speak. my schooling is destiny, for it is rooting me in chaos theory and emergent living. i know that if i am a bright light that the divine will bring me where i need to be and what needs to happen will occur. i don’t feel that acting from urgency is beneficial. when i do that i fall down. i am surrendering into a deeper sense of time governed by the divine. spirit moves me. this is all i know thus far….

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