free flow #37

the child sex slave industry is searing through my heart after watching videos of survivors telling their story here:  i am posting this because i feel everyone needs to know about what goes on. the more it becomes known the better chances at children being protected. i don’t think many people know how sick and horrible this industry is, not just with children, but it is the children that call to my heart the most, because they are the most vulnerable and what goes on is brutal beyond words. the human capacity to harm is immense and horrific. my heart burns with pain and the desire to burn away this abuse from human existence, forever. it’s hard to care about anything else this morning, though i have learned how to face the worst of the worst and to still find joy in my human life. my goal is to face the worst of the worst with an open loving heart committed to healing. to not shrink into fear, hatred, and victimhood. to grow strong the fire of transformation. to be an agent of change and a target who obtains the skills to be powerful and not shrunken. i don’t want to shrink. i don’t want to crumble. at the same time, if i die than i die and i hold on loosely, but i don’t let go. dealing with the mind and all mental tricks. when there is abuse i wont allow myself to “rise above the story”. it is the story that counts. the divine feminine knows that the healing is in transforming the story. transforming pain into wisdom. transforming abuse into healing. there is time for every feeling to express itself, but you cannot stay stuck in any feeling, you have to keep moving. there is power in telling your story, it helps others who are going through the same story. if you shrink in fear and always hate and put up walls, you wont heal. you have to move through each phase of healing. you cannot let anyone tell you it is your fault and at the same time, you must heal yourself. forgiveness is powerful medicine. in my own life, it has set my heart free. i have healed myself through the power of love and forgiveness. i don’t know how to stop it. i wish i knew. i wish we all knew. all i know, is keep talking about it. sweep everything out from underneath the rug, remove the astonishment, get past blame and hatred, reveal the perpetrators and understand why they do it, versus just demonizing them. abuse is rooted in a psychological foundation. we need to get rid of the demonizing and understand how it comes into being, in order to stop it. it takes a strong heart. we need more strong hearts. all i want is to make my heart stronger and stronger. this is all i know…well…besides having a keen grasp on the psychological underpinning to why it happens…and having gone through my own journey of healing. hence, the strong heart that knows. let us know, let us heal, the fire of transformation in me is ablaze….

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