free flow #14

virginia. family. east coast. doggies. freezing cold. lethargic mind. tired soul. confused heart. yoga. strange fire. best dreams too bad i forgot. three close up seal faces. illusion. neptune direct. illusion crashing. nothing to say. resistant to write but forcing myself. no desires. no thoughts. extreme emptiness. tummy holding on. too much bread. not enough of something in need i cannot pinpoint. off balance. peaceful plane ride. easy morning. winter approaching. rose quartz. hand of god. watching. bringing emptiness to tea. lack of warmth inside of me. oh yeah, that’s right. the glow worm is a young now inside. the green man. lives in me. the green man. divine masculinity. green man, fill my heart, will ya? it’s so empty but also there are many tears just underneath. what are the blessings? count them. one: a family and friends who love me and i love. two: health and awareness. three: food and shelter. four: awareness and compassion. five: crystals and stones. six: divine connection. seven: love and wisdom. still empty. sometimes emptiness rains and reigns. watching. taking to tea. loving every cycle of this human being known as me. shadows loom. facing the darkness with a light in my heart, candle in hand, glow worm grown up into an animus man. my animus: connected to nature, joyful, mischievous, musical, philosophical in a non-intellectual way, lover of the bulbous and open, worshipper of the free, playful but can be a little bit reserved in this world, dark green, sometimes mint green, happy. anyhow, blah blah blah.

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