free flow #4

grief and mourning for trump winning, it’s come as a complete shock. sorrow floods my heart like the flooding of the nile. anger rises in defense of our sacred human rights. a desire to escape courses through like a thief. worry and fear rise like a tsunami wave. i can’t believe it the constant mantra as this reality is digested. texting and facebooking with friends in a hyper manic type of way. feeling called to stand up and be present as a strong loving force my way. the only way. the underworld is my territory and i know in my human heart that we shall overcome and win back our glory. my soul knows this, i have no doubt. nothing else occupies the space beneath all of my hurt. nothing else. thinking about all those targeted by trump’s agency. how scary. we have entered scary times although they have been scary this entire time. here i am living in a nightmare. it is what it is. listening to krishna das chant as i type. rooted rooted rooted in love. nightmare. love. nightmare, love. what does the rest of the world think that a real estate tycoon television star who objectifies women and is a racist is our president? i think about our reputation and feel the need to call out to the rest of the world to tell them not all of us support him. so many of us are awake, aware, intelligent, loving, promote equality. please see us. i feel my spirit move inside of me strong. i feel the light in the shadow lands. i feel like a whale in a deep sea. i feel the rising of love take over me completely. i will polarize this shit. this is what i do. i will not let him steal my light inside of me and as much as i am able inside of you. the drama of it all housed inside the emotions. emotions flare and rise. despair fires burn shock to the ground. watching the rain outside come pouring down. what more can i say? i feel like the words are stopping like a dripping faucet being turned all the way off. got to get to work and make the most of this precious day that wont ever happen again in any way. love.

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