free flow exercise #2

craving more free flow. checking in by not having to check out. what does that mean? words can sound good but be empty. nose tingling. sneeze. everybody getting sick yet again. they spray it in the air and infect. bacteria. blank. tap tap tap. not as rich as last night. the nights are getting richer and days feeling more like coconuts and curtains. the feel of the cool laptop on my hot wrists. yellow crane. bluish grey morning. black coffee swirling in the system. galaxy coffee. milky way coffee. far far away in the middle of the universe or the middle of the sea. vast nothingness calls to me. dreaming about an election. he wasn’t in it, no, but his persona was. trying to be swanky. leaving gifts of white wine. of course. white wine. i was up there hanging with the upper echelons. the feeling of power is strong. lucky me waking up to not knowing what it is like. freedom from power. darkest hour she made a vow in a past life to live off the radar. erase! embrace power cause you wont use it to abuse it. past life: hooded in a cave, meditating over a candle right by a messy sea. past life: i am you and you are me. karma. loving my enemy. red numbers tic tock getting you to react and pull the trigger of the glok. don’t do it, son. don’t give into the rancid thoughts sizzling through the collective like raw eggs sliding down the sly smile of the one who controls it all. hooked on free flow in order to let go let go let go. music always in my head. hearing him warm up by singing “let it be” and craving to hear him sing not mantras just once. his voice opening my heart no matter what. voice medicine. the olden days singing “romeo and juliet” in front of audiences. the olden days drinking coffee through the night practicing harmonies. wisconsin. my strange love affair with the midwest. the big sky there. the feeling of being hugged by the land. the feeling of kindness in the eyes of elderly people. weary again. weary from familiarity. not gonna be the case soon. the morning is stormy beach colored. sea shell buildings. cracked open eggs of minds arising as we pace one more day until tomorrow’s election. keep going keep going. we are all one underneath even though we have distinct differences and even though people treat people like shit. how do i know what i know? aware of knowing being a chattering mind. hit the tennis ball. keep your eye on the ball. hitting against the practice wall. for hours and hours. humid summer. mosquitos. the sound of the ball hitting the chain link fence. maxwell the maniac dog. memories that sit in glass jars. the oven and stove top both on that one time i came downstairs after blow drying my hair and nobody else was there. many spirits dance around me. juggling images return. get on the mat and make the body burn like purple fire and be here now and don’t go any further…

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