small snippet just to keep to the practice…

of  course it is sunny out today, yesterday was the mixed rain and sun day, day before was sun, day before rain. tomorrow will most likely be rain, unless she breaks her patterns. seattle i love how you roll. i am tired from yesterday. long cry in the am, writing all day into evening, enjoying friendships and deep talks about being in our forties at night over mexican food. did not get home till late and it felt good to be out and up into the night. i love the night when i am with others, or when i am in a zone. i think i need to break an old pattern of night time that is family of origin. i don’t feel like blogging. i feel lazy about it. i feel annoyed about it. my voice is annoying me. this irritation is only cause i need to do yoga or go for a run, it’s built up past my ability to be in my head about it. i am gonna just end this blog and do that, right now. another long day of writing ahead. where will i go? some place maybe not on the hill, get on the bus again. u-district? who knows. taking it in the moment. oh, it’s the new moon in scorpio, i am hard core feeling it. roar.

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