jung fever…

spent hours and hours reading jung yesterday and i am in love. in love. in love. i want to read everything he’s ever written. his words open portals inside me, ring true, take me to deeper levels. i know how true his insights are for me and i am hoping to remember my dreams more and delve into some profound psychoanalytic healing and awakening. he is a role model for me too because he integrates the artist, dreamer, and psychologist into one person. shows me what it looks like. helps me reach beyond my own black and white thinking insides. my own personality number one and number two. tarot readings on the red couch last night, his words always ringing true too. this time what sticks is: owning my intellect. truly healing the atlantean wound i have been carrying for thousands of years. how many myths, how many ways, how many stories can reflect the same dichotomy, the same pain, the same power over another? my psyche takes what i experience and snowballs it out to all humanity in present time, then it reaches as far back in earth history as possible, finding the root of the wound story, then it reaches further into space, seeking out the same wound story on other planets. this is how i roll. i must feel and see the entirety, the whole. this is why trump does not astonish me. he is right on time as another clear and powerful living reflection of the same wound. power over another. loss of sovereignty. loss of freedom. what will we do to transcend and heal from this ancient wound? can we? of course we can, sky is the limit. but to reach the sky requires really hard work. most people revert to emotional reactivity and dwell there till death. i am working on my own emotional reactivity in every moment it arises. i reject dogma completely. my spiritual path is created by me alone. i ingest wisdom from many teachers, gurus, and beings physically incarnated or not. currently jung is my guru. but i don’t get attached to the being. it’s my path in this life to be a self generating and self reliant being. i am not talking about the american version of that, which is all boot strap pulling up and cut off from interdependence. i am speaking about an emotional self reliance. i connect to god within, i connect to peace within, i find what i need within for my heart. makes it hard a lot of the time because i am lonely for partnership or external things to go my way to feel heart joy. this is important too. soul hunger is real too. love is coming in the form of a life mate. only now because i have reached inner self reliance. broken the chain, so to speak. anyhow, i am rambling out only the surface. too much depth on the plate. i wanna read read read read, that’s all i wanna do…

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