long long rant post facebook…

once again, facebook has depressed me first thing in the morning. reading about poisoned water in this country. am i safe? it is really true, corporate overlords care only about money and are harming people, animals, and the earth so that the very rich can get richer. this is what the reality is and it breaks my heart. why can’t we all come together and say no in majority? they are so crafty with their propaganda, keeping us regular people divided by race, religion, sex, gender, and any other distinction they turn into a competition of power. the truth of equality stares at us in the face every moment but the bad guys keep winning with violence, terror and division tactics. the availability of health and well being is abundant right underneath the layer of hate so thick it’s blinding. i know i have the privilege to say this with such ease and those who are being targeted are in a much worse mess. black lives matter. muslim lives matter. gay lives matter. female lives matter. i wont give in to this despair. i will keep being a force of love. we are all equal and we all deserve a precious and well cared for life, each and every one of us. i am not going to waste my energy on hate, despair, or on any emotional outpour that is exactly what they are hoping for me to feel. disempowerment shows up in many different ways. what do we do? facebook, you are a morning wake up call. i am not here to run away or hide from what is happening. waking up, waking up, waking up. mired in complicity. mired down with poisons. but i am the sea, larger than the complicity and the poisons. larger than their greed. larger than hate. larger than petty arguing. i am the light that never goes out.

the sun shines brightly this morning. another crisp sunny day. it’s the fall equinox, at last. so happy summer is over today. welcoming the season of fall. feeling intensity on the rise with this election. hearing my fellow humans on capitol hill all say the same thing wherever i go. if trump wins it will be the apocalypse, so to speak, not literally. trump is a shadow super star. he embodies the hate, fear, and hunger for power dwelling in each of his supporters. he is not evil. he is just another human whose fear has grown into hatred, ignorance, prejudice, and a lust for power. the concept of evil is propaganda that works brilliantly on distracting people away from critical thinking, deeper understanding, and a sense of empowerment to bring change for the better. trump and his followers are not evil. they were born babies too, as innocent as those of us who stand for equality, liberty, and justice for all. the path from innocence to oppressive hatred is psychological, not supernatural. trump would not exist as this public figure if not for all the people who want him in office. the act of oppressing life has been going on through history as we know it. this terrible game has remained awful for thousands of years. one person having power over another. one distinct group having power over another distinct group. this race over that race. this religion over that religion. this gender over that gender. this class over that class. this country over that country. wars on repeat. and all for what? so that one percent can live in mega mansions, fuck sex slaves, drink the blood of virgins and control the human race? sorry, that was low. i am so angry. as my teacher says, this anger is in defense of the sacred.

i see the only solution is that we have to get ourselves out of this web of oppression. there is no savior who will come and make it all better. i just don’t see that in my soul. jesus is trying to help us be more loving to ourselves and one another. god, goddess, all the ways to connect to the divine are not to save us, but to help us wake up to our divine nature within so that we can save ourselves and each other. it is true that we have been victimized in varying degrees. the perpetrators are real, the victims are real. from my own experience of being a victim, nobody came to save me. i had to save myself. i had to heal myself. i am still healing myself. it takes a long time to move through all of the feelings and to gain power back. there is a real psychological process at work. just like a seed becoming a flower, you cannot force the seed to jump ahead. healing takes time, and as life goes, healing happens as more trauma is created. it’s messy in this realm, but i see us as on the path of saving ourselves. i hope for more unification over time because we need to all stand together against the the real enemy. power in numbers against our oppressors, whether we be on the side of privileged human or targeted human. it will take our unification as a human race to build enough strength to stop the few at the top as well as the many minds and hearts sickened by years of this crisis on repeat. i know it sounds like a holy dream. it is a holy dream. i believe we can do it.

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