monday’s everything…

some days are harder than others. feelings course through in blue lily storms. letting go of love, dreams, freedom, youth, everything no longer serving the art project that is this life. at the same time, not taking it too serious and allowing life to be emergent. the more i come into my body and the present, the more emotions i feel. learning how to accommodate this emotional being i am. letting the feelings flow and using them to make art, do yoga, give and glow. i am a passionate being, robust animal, luscious creature. putting the positive spin on the gem deep colors of how i feel things. putting better frames around the pictures. sculpting stories with conscious awareness. not identifying with what sucks. not identifying with what is awesome. not identifying with the nouns at all. i am a verb. back to basic language. sitting on a noodle in the pool under a hot sun coming up with names with my sister. eating a yummy meal with my family at an italian restaurant. thinking about transference and counter-transference. being effected by motivational interviewing techniques. wearing larimar. squeezing lemons into water. sitting on the patio in the morning. wondering about everything. dreaming intensely. insomnia. palm trees. growing my hair long. learning a new language. the pulverizing of walls, black and white thinking, puppet strings, emotional manipulation. the ancestors are speaking. the ancestors are angels. i feel the dream of this reality, the matrix, the thinness of the veil. like jung felt world war coming on, i feel something too. the whirlwind of it all blowing through my psyche like dandelion fuzz and a tsunami….

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