teensy sat. blog…

lazy saturday, hello. still in my pj’s. haven’t done my practice. just ate breakfast. slow as molasses. moon in cancer. moody. very very moody. don’t feel like talking. wanting to go inside a shell of comfort and hibernate. body tired. cool day outside, a treat see, a real treat. i love this cool weather. i feel soothed by it. wonder if it will last all day? yesterday was so hot, oy. i walked from air conditioned place to air conditioned place, doing my best to embrace. but i am just not a fan of the heat unless i am by some water to swim in. i am a fall baby. i love the shadowy colorful mysterious cool season of autumn. i live for it. i would be happy to live in eternal fall. oh i forgot, i was gonna get into some nature today. that’s what i shall do. i need it. like, really really need it. i keep repeating words in today’s exciting blog. today i will make nature my practice. yes. feels right. no more confusion. i don’t feel like writing. and it’s all about feelings today with this cancer moon. i shall honor the feelings. finis.

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