earth not sky blog…

what to say…i feel like i just blogged. i am more passionate about yoga than about writing currently in my life. never thought i’d say that. yoga has reached a new level of beauty for me. i find so much healing, rejuvenation, strength, and connection from my practice. i keep it simple. i act like a kid. i don’t make it serious. but i do go slow and focus on my breath as i move with grace. when grace slips, i laugh or don’t make a big deal. i cannot explain the mystery behind how a simple 45 minute practice is healing my nervous system and changing my thoughts patterns, allowing me to truly be new, but it does. i love jogging for the instant gratification is gives me, but it just cannot compare to yoga in transformational qualities. jogging is fun, easy, and a good “workout”. yoga is alchemical, soulful, deep, powerful. it’s so much easier to go for a jog. starting my practice is always hard. i never want to do it. i always want to not face what is hard. but i surrender to it and within the first fifteen minutes, i am in a yoga trance where what is hard seems part of the flow. passion for this practice! i have been having supernatural experiences lately in the middle of the night. but it’s just phenomenon. being human is a big deal. our capacities as humans are much bigger than anyone realizes. we can reach through the veil and touch the power vastness available to every one of us. this seems to happen to me in the middle of the night. i wish i could explain it. i only say “supernatural” because it does not fall into a category of natural explanation. we are beings of light. it’s so cool. i feel like a teenager right now. there is so much injustice, privilege, marginalization, and suffering happening because of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, it pains my heart each day. we are all the same. we are all made of the same stuff, just different versions of it. who the fuck started all this pain and war? i am feeling kali and want to bite the ignorance off of the truth of being human. we are all equal and made from the same stuff, everyone who does not understand this, leave! anger. as my teacher alex says, i am feeling anger in defense of the sacred. the sacred is that we are all equal. i want the assholes to leave! my teenage expression…sigh. words are on hiatus. we’ve entered mercury’s shadow before the retrograde in virgo beginning august 25th, so makes sense. i am body not words. i am earth not sky. this is how it is until the end of september.

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