i love you, i love us, i love…

didn’t blog yesterday cause i had an interview and needed to be up and out the door in the early morning. i loved taking the bus early across the lake. a new love is this feeling of community when on the bus. any form of traveling makes me happy, but traveling with others in a communal way is extra special. i love car rides too, music blasting, good conversation…riding on a bus is a more subtle and quiet joy. stopped to get a bagel in between busses and loved the early morning vibe of the bagel place too. i just love mornings. gush gush. the freshly scrubbed air filled with softness, the low hanging sun, people still tender from sleep, others with extra energy cause the day hasn’t depleted them yet, a feeling of hope for what the day can bring, and….i even feel the earth humming. not wanting to discuss the interview in blog. afterward i bussed to a doctor’s check up down in pike place market and felt the same community joy there as i do on the bus. community health has such a different vibe than lofty waiting rooms. i know not all waiting rooms are alike, no matter if they are upscale or for the people, but my doctor’s waiting room is lively and feels energetically healthy. my doctor, she looks me in the eyes, listens to me, and i can feel her caring. the entire experience was fun for me because of how i enjoyed talking with the desk staff, lab staff, medical assistants. i love people. pike place market buzzed with tourist energy yesterday. i walked through the crystal stores and drooled over pieces i cannot afford. still love the market, never gets old. i suppose i am gushing with love this morning. how many times have i used the word love so far in today’s blog? i don’t care. some mornings i am into the craft of writing. other mornings i am a child spirit expressing my feelings without a care, like dandelion fuzz blowing through the sky, i am here for a limited time and while i am, i shall sing my praises for humanity. my heart goes out to us american people. we have crappy vacation time, grow up with tons of abuse and dysfunction, are fed a bunch of flouridated water, cruel animal death, gmo food…shall i continue? i think you already know. my heart goes out to our hearts. i know many other people who don’t live here think we are a bunch of ignorant mean immature kids. yes, this is true. but generalizing is painful. there are so many kind, loving, smart, tired, hurting souls i want to nourish back to life. that’s the impetus. i wish i had the power to restore love back into every human heart, all over the world. i feel so much love today it is confiscating the rest of my being. let that occur.

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