monday’s beginning sentiment…

another cool and cloudy morning, i love it. the sky is slightly luminescent and the world feels quiet. peaceful monday. yesterday i came out of my heat-wave hermitage. walked with a friend through the hill, talking about everything. after two days of silence i could really feel the contrast of talking and how my experience is shaped by what my mouth says. it exhausted me to listen to myself after an hour. in the evening i went to a brewery in georgetown to listen to a man play three bach cello suites while sipping on english style beers. we had a great time. realized how much i needed creative inspiration and how long it had been. how much i crave classical music. the place was packed. the brewery was beautiful. stained glass windows, exposed brick, and that urban decay of the georgetown district. i enjoy georgetown. i got filled up like a gas tank with art. lately it’s been all about school and thinking about injustice, humanity, and facing hard lessons. i didn’t realize i had lost balance. haven’t painted. haven’t desired to write other than blog. i admit, my sense of passion has been on simmer. maybe i have been afraid of it because i think my passion will just cause me troubles? could be. i don’t really need to focus on the why though. i just need to listen to more live music, it feeds my soul. the thing is, most classical music is performed in haughty venues that cost mucho bucks. this is too bad. i want to listen to live classical music in cafes, breweries, living rooms, small intimate down to earth venues. i need more classical music because for me, it is expansive, i am opened by it. modern rock songs i love too, but they are so focused and specific. damn, i miss the seventeen hundreds or something. anyhow, we ate a late dinner after the performance and gabbed into the night about everything over mole enchiladas. it was so much fun. this is why i desire city life….for the places and performances. oh life, is bigger, bigger than you and you are not me. hm, not sure why that REM line just bolted through my head. maybe i will listen to them this morning and not mozart. maybe maybe maybe. why the maybe baby? where is the strong yes and no? it is in me to pick a side even if i see and appreciate both. i am losing my religion too, a certain religion. an old house is crumbling to dust….

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