tiny blog…

hot and sunny times in this studio on the third floor. sweating each night and morning. fan blasting on clothesless body, head phones on, watching characters in a story. appreciating the heat. being one with the sun. allowing the sweat to carry out the toxins. took too long mapping out a bus route this morning so now it’s late. slept a bit late too. unhinging august wanting to pierce through. got an interview in bellevue so making sure i know every route i can take. overly pragmatic. i love maps though. i love looking at them, studying them, making them, understanding navigation through them. i can get really absorbed in a map, for hours. i think i just spent the past hour studying a few square miles of bellevue. why am i so drawn to bellevue? my school is there. my internship might be there. i see that there is a buddhist center there too. maybe it’s the indian and asian culture drawing me. who knows. not in the mood to be logical today. need to take the next three days off from a heavy head. same message with every client i read for this week. get out of the head and into the heart. feeling it. will make my yoga practice heart centered today too. speaking of…i just want to get on my mat. not wanting to write very much this morning. looking forward to a shower after and a brand new journey. finis.

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