monday quickie….

fastest blog ever. key words. headed out the door. beautiful weekend. love picked me up and took me to love where i blessed a home by connecting it to the conscious awareness of mother earth. afternoon spent rushing around to the grocery store, farmers market and good will. found a fierce hanuman statue and put him in the east. it was on the men’s side of the store and made me think of my teacher telling her how she got more out the men’s myth than the female. durga is my lady now though..and again. birthday party in the eve. nar’s special day. was ungrounded. needed to process the powerful morning that awoken stuff inside all of us. got home and decided to marathon in order to finish “orange is the new black” and i did, till 2 am. heart breaking, just like my mother said. cried my eyes out about first the show, then the world. fell asleep and slept hard. now it’s morning and my head is filled with so much i cannot even make clear sentences. meeting with my teacher this morning in the u-district. maybe i will move to the north end. oh right, i wanted to mention my jog yesterday. i was extra tired, it was extra hard. i practiced welcoming the aversion and desire to stop, i welcomed my fatigued lungs, filled with some form of unprocessed grief. got immediate results. i could continue on with more levity. i am truly seeing how much the mind effects the body but it’s taken me years to get here. this is only happening because i have processed all of my feelings from the past out of my body. when they still lived alive in my body, in my underworld so to speak, any attempt to try to control my body with my mind felt like oppression, force, manipulation. i am understanding that there is a natural process that needed to take place with an undetermined amount of time. ah, gotta get the bus, more later! no edit, no time.

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