uranus and slow panther protocol…

taught the tower workshop last night while feeling very tower-y. i did not want to make sentences about anything because i did not want to make ideas concrete. i am feeling sensitive to people thinking they are right or better than others through whatever institution or compartmentalized version of an aspect of life. in the spiritual community i feel sensitive so much to this that i disclaim over and over, “this is just how i see the tower card,” or “this is my planetary correspondence to the card,” etc. all correspondences are written by humans. every bit of spiritual information is subjective even though the feelings are collective. the desire for unity creates a million stories. the act of liberation may happen through many different channels, using a variety of tools, creating many different narratives. there are no facts other than the fact that a person wants to heal or connect to the divine. i don’t like to get caught up in the idea of facts. i treat the idea of facts loosely. my strong impetus is to honor the individual’s choice for healing, for spiritual connection to the divine, or whatever the case may be. the only time i bring out my judgement hat and strong “no, this is not allowed” is when a belief brings harm, injustice, or injury to life. then everything about subjectivity and variety and no right or wrong is tossed out like confetti. you hurt another sentient life and i am a protector. end of story. otherwise, whatever works for you is my motto. i wish to bring this attitude to the new age world at all times and i do as a teacher. i am not above the student, i am only sharing how i connect and my experience, which is valuable and i know this by being a student. it’s always been a radical aspect of my personality to stand up for inner authority. i rebel heavily against all authoritarian thinking that leans toward externalizing the power source, all hierarchical thinking basically. i am devoted to personal choice, free will, and subjective myth making. i am devoted to life being a creative act. i stand up against this because creating any belief system that completely externalizes the power source, harms sentient life. last night i was feeling this strong as we talked about the tower and i felt uranus light up in my bloodstream. my relationship with the planets is palpable and intimate. i love the way uranus feels. his bold liberation tactics turn me on. he brightens up my imagination and fills me with courage, much more than mars. emergent learning. this is my other strong desire of late. i am not saying emergent learning is better or worse. it is a way to learn. the choices are endless when you get into the subtleties. these days i wake up and immediately tune into emergence, present moment, and getting my body more and more attuned to the planet by getting my mind out of the tower of thoughts it likes to live in, in order to meaning-make. don’t get me wrong, i love meaning-making and narrative. it is just that during the tower season, it is time to let go of meaning-making. or rather, it is time to meaning-make by letting go of meaning-making. fully coming into the creature experience is my protocol. this is a scary process for somebody who likes to build very tall towers of meaning. but here i am, on the ground, swishing coconut oil in my mouth, typing in the keys, preparing for my yoga practice next. talking to ruby last night and speaking of present moment, i realized i need to put more effort into making yoga a meditative experience. i have slacked. it is easy to zone out and make it just about strength, grace, and endurance, yet the whole point of yoga is to bring the mind to the body and fuse them. today i will practice this. i will move slower. my racing thoughts need to slow their roll and saunter with my languid body moving like a panther under a hot sun. or something along these poetic lines…

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