energy gaming…

this morning i am gonna go for a jog instead of doing yoga. i need to bring back the jogging, it transmutes my energy in a totally different way. just a little bit of jogging tossed in to mostly a yoga practice. i am finding myself caught up in mental rain storms this morning, due to my passionate nature swelling up with all of this mercury, venus, sun in cancer. the only way to transmute for me is through the body, creatively and physically. i am controlling the passion. i am not anais. my lifetime is not about expressing passion whenever i feel it. i am following the purple path up the tree. anyhow, this is me and it’s quite stormy lately. had fun last night attending a literary oracle thingy at the sorrento hotel. love that hotel. want to go there more often. i can feel the ghosts and enjoy the charm of the place. before hand was getting deep into conversation with a friend about what the next stages of healing and growing are. lots of red action. first chakra. for me, it is about being in the driver’s seat of my life, not losing differentiation among strong energy, specially male energy. i also am rebirthing in a certain way i don’t want to talk about in blog and it’s a bit confusing. an older version of me no longer exists. who am i now? i desire to turn my analytical skills into writing skills. i desire to make you tube videos again too. i desire to do more astrology readings. i desire to talk more to osiris and understand this duality game. the sun is out today. feels refreshing. my sleep was strange. i slept listening to the binaural beats to second chakra healing video. it did not run all night. do i feel different? i do. actually i can see how the heart video worked on me yesterday. i felt extra generous and open yesterday, which is heart chakra-y. today i do feel more empowered in my second chakra already. more in control of the passionate creative forces storming like tsunamis within. it will good to read for people today. to transmute passion into wisdom. i am all about transmutation, not release. tantra all the way!

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