early morning sparrow thoughts…

early morning laundry and a foamy white sky softening the land. dames on the couch staring out the window. intense dreams where my moon sign switched to being virgo, like it is in vedic astrology, and this was helping with me with a group of people or something like that i can no longer pin-point. but the point was about virgo energy. details. health. paying attention. mercurial pegs to fill. what am i saying? i feel like writing nonsense or letting the unconscious truly free in this blog. laughter whispering at my stone bracelets to shut up because they clink clink clink when i type. morning time is time to take off all the stones. drink coffee. rise. taking today off yoga. first day in eight days. longest i have gone yet in two and a half years. or is it three now? i like the progress report. i like the strengthening. but today i feel no desire for strength. only flow, waft, soft, tender, sweetness, wondering, allowing, accepting, being. the moon. the cycles. reflections. no agenda. i can feel the soul of me crave a break from the left brain mind and all of the control. virgo is control too. i can already watch my mind wanting to figure out the next moves. no next moves. purple keys. no next moves. nonsense. silence. ice cream day dream sun beam moon beam skin means alive i am here in the flesh can you believe it? sometimes i cannot believe i am actually here as this body. what a miracle really. i am suddenly thinking of joanna and wondering where she is on her journey. her time here was so short. it goes fast. i don’t want to take it slow. i want to dive right in. i want to live. i want to saturate. i want to fall and make mistakes. i want to experience every ace of wands inner initiative. i want to take risks. i want to contradict. i want to leap over each growing edge. oh desire rising like a fire but on the outside: girl in sweatshirt quietly typing, waiting for clothes to dry. not much else to say in this blog. i wish i had a thought. thought? are you here? not really. music is more like it…

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