vedic and career contemplations…

got my vedic chart read for the third time in my life yesterday and now i am studying it on my own. it’s the same but different as the western. i am learning about my strong desire to escape mundane reality and materialism. about my destiny to transcend the material through meditation and metaphysics. basically, this is a spiritual life for me. no new news there. i am also learning how jupiter is helping me greatly. he is making sure i don’t escape too far into the other realms and that i use my spiritual connection to serve my life here on earth and humanity at large. too bad venus is so badly aspected in virgo. i  must learn to accept all people and all ways, not just what i think is right. i think i am doing a good job at this, but can see how i didn’t when i was younger. mars is great ally for me too in this life. i am driven toward higher learning, philosophy, foreign travels. my career life is important to my soul. of course romantic love is not greatly aspected, though not too bad either and i am thankful the chart runs its course by age thirty six. of course saturn sits on the house of fun, giving me my serious constitution. it is true, i don’t like to hang out all the time, or have fun or do fun things a lot. i also am learning how to let go and be alone in this lifetime, hence my constant cravings for solitude. it is meant to be. my nature is explained. the western chart feels more accurate to me, perhaps cause i live in the west. i do feel much more like a scorpio, libra moon, aquarius rising. not so much a libra with a virgo moon and capricorn rising. but i see and embrace both. i can see the eastern virgo in my desire to perfect my spiritual practice of mindfulness and the eastern cap.rising in my slow and steady climb toward spiritual ambitions of letting go and transcending materialistic focus. many lenses. many perspectives. i am contemplating my career path right now. my internship will begin in january and although i am all about the flow and emergent knowing, i also feel the intuition to understand the next phase of my spiritual life through becoming a therapist. i do find myself feeling weary of telling people about their future such as, “will this job successful for me?” and “is love coming?” it no longer feels like right livelihood. the psychological and soul messages beneath the topical answer seeking feels right, and i always bring that. as a reader it is not my place to deny the querent those future seeking questions, so until full transition as counselor, i shall give what is expected. though i can feel my strong intuitive desire to move past it. my passion is to reveal the contents of the unconscious to catalyze clarity. i have an inkling of what it would be like to hold space for another to have their own a-ha moment, versus me telling them the contents of their insides, which i do now. it brings validation, comfort, ease to have it given…yet i wonder about the power of self realized clarity of the unconscious. reminds me of that jesus saying about giving fish or teaching how to fish. i know there is a time and a place for both. i also feel called to hospice still, which is very rahu house twelve. writing still holds the strongest slot in my intuition for work destiny. i feel it is my only immovable task, where as helping others as a healer is flexible in how i roll. these are current contemplations. i realize after studying my vedic chart, that it is vital for me to focus on making a paycheck for the sake of balance. money is not the goal but i need to take care of my physical life. if money comes from another source other than a good paycheck, allowing me to travel, write and be free of the rooted routine, i will take it!  if not, i will work as a spiritual therapist and write when i can. even if i get to travel and be my true gypsy self i could be a skype therapist at the same time. this is all i know thus far. i have my dreams and my reality. the dream is to not have a 9-5, and to travel and be free in the physical. my reality is to have a regular right livelihood paying job that keeps me rooted. i know what is meant to be will be, so long as i stay focused on love. more will be revealed. emergence…

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