right on the full moon….

i am writing this late. the sky is grey, rain coming down, but the mood is changing. full moon is happening right now. swelling inside my brain and belly. birds singing over the hum of the space heater. pms. heart heavy but at peace. saw a cool lecture last night. micheal meade. put me in a trance with his drumming. loved the story of the half boy. what stood out most of all he said was about how it wont be one great idea or hero that changes the world. it is about each person getting in touch with their inner genius, their inner calling, what they are here to do. he used mythology to inspire and ground this message into us, which i already feel too. yet what he added new reminded me of chaos theory. how, if we each do our own part, we don’t need to know the big picture, we don’t need one way, one answer, one solution. the solutions will be many, the path will clear, change will emerge in the moment. which is true because this is how nature operates. i also enjoyed his personal story sharing. he spoke about being in solitary confinement for three months, how he stopped eating and met with the mythological characters that speak to his inner genius. i wanted to hear more about that, but he did not go into detail. that’s the thing i love the most, personal intimate stories. i am more inspired when people share about their own lives, than when they talk about the world and give messages about what to do or how to see things. this is why i blog, because i am a lover of personal sharing as a means of inspiring, learning, growing, healing, and enjoying. after the show we ate desert. some cohort, partners, and i brought a friend. rich bites of sweet thick peanut butter washed down with decaf. chandeliers. capitol hill night life. away from the hipsters and drunk youth. but when she drove me home they were all bouncing around with cigarettes in their mouths and sex on the brain. i could not wait to get my headphones on to drown them out. had to tell a group of them to be quiet as they drunk gabbed away on the fire escape at 2 am, poisoning themselves while they still can away with it. this culture is a shit show sometimes. what a waste of youth, spending it going unconscious with booze and greying the lungs with tobacco. treating sex like hydrogenated doughnuts. where is the tenderness? where is the soul? don’t mind me, that was just a little pms vent. you’ll still find me out among them and everyone, delving into true nature, wanting to pull it out of everyone i meet. just like micheal mead. we who love to do this are the soul charmers…

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