new moon taurus bus blog…

i am on the bolt bus right now. first seat behind the driver. she is frustrated but i am sending energy to her and the road to smooth us all out. new moon in taurus is about to happen in forty five minutes. i am listening to krishna das on my headphones, feeling him, feeling hanuman, the universe, love and sensuality while i try to type on the bumpy ride, my crystal bracelets clinking up against metal, needing to balance the computer on tip toes so my knees are not sloping down. balancing acts. woke up late this morning and crammed in a yoga practice not meant for cramming but it still felt good. hooked on breath of fire. on sa ta na ma. on an old sufi way speaking to my soul even though my culture of origin is so far away. we are all connected, not separate. the honey that is life gives no room for division. the division is only in the mind. feeling this in my blood like canoes of curious travelers marveling at the illusion of individuation created by spirit. beautiful art each one of us is as the one in disguise. craving a canoe ride down a lazy river, peering at sunlight dappling through the shadow of leaves on the water. looking forward to portland. the shire. my down to earth big hearted sisters. jai jai hanuman, gosaeee. riding makes me come alive. sun in the ninth. colors on the left wrist and hand: rainbow white, yellow, orange, purple, pink, dark red, copper. on the right: gold, black, rainbow green.  amber around the neck. copper over the seventy two thousand nerves in the belly. black in the bra both sides. silver in the ears. loving this taurus energy right now. delving into colors, textures, sensations, anchoring to the four directions. above and below making six. here now and center the seventh. eight the past within the present. nine, silence. hermit me. happy to find this vastness within the bones reaching all the way to sita ram. i am ripping my heart open to reveal them inside. piece of a dream last night: being up at five thirty am with a friend speaking about how much i love the early morning. maybe i will begin waking up earlier. the peace of pre-dawn moves me. that silence and potential blended together into one. the sweetness bulging before the day has begun. life, you amaze me. i am on the knees kissing your land while weeping for the sky. water from my eyes, fire in the heart. mt. rainier rising out the window like a god…

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